08. June, 2011 ,

Expedition report part 4: Edurne Pasaban is back home

The Endesa “Everest without O2” expedition is home again. In fact, the expedition members have been in Spain since Friday June 3rd 2011. They packed up all their gear at base camp after taking the decision not to climb Mount Everest without O2 with the rest of the expedition team, and set off for Kathmandu a few days ago.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the only thing to do after everything they had gone through. On 20th of May the team were at the South Col of Everest, at an altitude of 8000 metres. The whole team: Nacho, Asier, Ferrán, Jambu, Migma, Passang (Sherpas) and Edurne, waiting to attack the summit on the following day.

In the afternoon, Passang and Migma were feeling extremely unwell. They were showing symptoms of altitude sickness: they couldn’t breathe and were exhausted. The team were all very worried and it was clear that they had to get back down as soon as possible. As soon as night fell a strong wind began to blow. It was impossible to stand the cold outside, and they would have been frozen within a few hours. 

The whole team decided to head back down to base camp and help Migma and Passang make that journey. Thanks to the oxygen, they were feeling a lot better, but they still needed help. In addition to the fact that they were all exhausted, Vitor, the weatherman, forecasted bad weather for the next few days. It was the right decision for all of them!

Last Friday Edurne Pasaban held a press conference at Madrid airport and took advantage of this opportunity to explain exactly what had happened during the ascent and why they didn’t manage to reach the summit without O2.

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