18. May, 2011 ,

Expedition report part 3: Edurne and team mates are awaiting wind to stop at Everest peak

Sponsee and Spanish Mountaineer Edurne Pasaban is on her way to reach the summit of Mount Everest without carrying oxygen.  If she is succesfull she will become the first women to conquer all 14 eight-thousanders without oxygen. Edurne and her expedition team have already been up at basecamp 2 and 3 for acclimatization and now they are awaiting wind to stop at Everest peak to be able to start climbing for their goal:  “Everest without O2”.

Read here another expedition report from Edurne about the last weeks and days at basecamp:

Edurne Pasaban & Team are about to set off to Camp 3

“Forgive me for not writing anything until today. We got back to base camp yesterday. I had something to eat and went to bed.  I got up to have dinner and went straight back to bed.  I was exhausted.  These days we have been going up to Camp 2 and 3 and resting. Working in our acclimatization. I did not feel like writing anything. I am a bit nervous…!

Yesterday at five in the morning at camp 3 Asier woke me up, telling me that he hadn’t slept.  I can remember being half asleep at around two in the morning and Asier being very angry and asking me if I had a sleeping tablet.  He couldn’t sleep!  He didn’t have a headache and he wasn’t even nervous.  I don’t know what  the reason was. Later, during our descent, he could see me alongside him still half asleep and I think that this annoyed him even more.  Ha! Ha! Ha!  The fact is that at five in the morning, at first light, he was already driving us mad and in no time at all we had already got dressed, rolled up our sleeping bags and we had our crampons on ready to begin our return to basecamp.

As I told you , yesterday I couldn’t do much apart from eat and sleep.  I also rang my mum, who is always worried.  Today has been different, but also a little strange as the weather has not been too good.  We are all in our tents and I think that we all need a bit of rest.  Pablo has had a look at all of us, and we all seem fine.  We are well acclimatized and this gives you peace of mind as it is a job well done.  Now we have to wait for some good weather so that we can begin our ascent.

Edurne Pasaban

We are still here, while other expeditions are ascending and reach Everest peak – with the help of oxygen, of course. I want to go up, but weather is not good enough. Too windy for us. According to weather forecast wind will stop blowing on 20th or 21st – I guess it will be definitely on 21st!

Tomorrow is our last day at basecamp…”

Edurne and her team are about to set off to camp 3. They are all in good health and fit, but a little bit nervous. Edurne believes that they will ascent and conquer Mount Everest without oxygen in 5 days!