GORE-TEX Experience Tour: Expedition Camp participants have been announced

The Facebook community and professional alpinists Ralf Dujmovits and Hajo Netzer have made their decision: eight mountaineering enthusiasts from four European countries have been selected to attend the Expedition Camp that W.L. Gore & Associates is hosting over the Whitsun weekend high up in an area of the Alps known as the Stubai Alps, just south of Innsbruck. During the four-day camp the participants will gain a real sense of what scaling one of the world’s highest peaks is like – but with the added advantage that it won’t take as long and there will be no lack of oxygen.

The participants are between 19 and 38 years old and come from Italy, France, Great Britain and Germany. At the Expedition Camp taking place from 10th to 14th June in the Stubai Alps the participants will be given an insight into the realities of climbing expeditions to the Himalayas. After all, that’s what they submitted their applications for! Between them Nora, Thomas, Francois, Johannes, Chris, Carolin, Markus and Maria have already seen a lot of the world. Their destinations have included Cotopaxi, New Zealand and the Tien Shan. Nevertheless, an expedition to a peak that rises above 8000m is in a league of its own. It is the dream of most mountaineers, but one that not many go on to realise. Admittedly, the camp with Ralf Dujmovits and Hajo Netzer is a poor substitute for the real thing, nevertheless, these two professionals know exactly what climbing a peak over 8000m involves and are looking forward to sharing this know-how with the camp participants. This will demand personal commitment, hard work and many hours of bitter cold and discomfort. This is not a basic course in glacier climbing! The participants will be able to benefit from the first-hand knowledge and experience of Ralf Dujmovits and Hajo Netzer. They will also be given medical advice and tips on weather conditions, equipment, nutrition and everything else that is important if you want to scale an 8000m peak.

Incidentally, almost as soon as the Gore Expedition Team returns to the valley to relax and enjoy the summer sun after their four-day adventure, Ralf Dujmovits and his wife Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner will be setting off for K2 – at 8611m the world’s second highest peak and believed by many to be the world’s most difficult and dangerous climb.

The participants:
Thomas Kennedy (England)
Chris Locke (Wales)
Carolin Mittelstädt (Germany)
Johannes Nickenig (Germany)
Maria Pilarski (Germany)
François Quinquet (France)
Markus Vaas (Germany)

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