24. January, 2019

Gore Celebrates GORE-TEX Products in the Lifestyle and Fashion Landscape During Men’s Paris Fashion Week


Feldkirchen-Westerham, (January 16th, 2019) – The GORE-TEX brand has been redefining functionality in apparel and footwear for decades, continually raising the standards for wet weather protection and pushing the notion of ‘high performance’ to its limits. But it has also come to serve as the source of inspiration for countless lifestyle and fashion designers who push the boundaries of creativity and functionality with every new collection. During this Men’s Paris Fashion Week, the GORE-TEX brand is opening a showroom (January 16 – 18, 2019, 13 Rue Chapon, Paris) that celebrates the products that have arisen when creative design meets high-performance functionality. As well as showcasing these products from the past and present, it will also offer an insight into the qualities that GORE-TEX product technologies can bring to the lifestyle and fashion collections of tomorrow. From the distinctive textures of GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY™, to the versatility of the new GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ product range that goes ‘beyond waterproofness’: the ever-evolving technologies and products provide endless, inspiring possibilities for designers and brands.

Benedikt Schlichting, Performance Wear Leader at Gore says: “It is in this spirit that ‘Selected Memories of Functionality’ was conceived, an exhibition, video installation and book that visitors can experience when visiting the showroom. While the focus of the project is on archival pieces and current styles, each element will also explore possibilities for the future – both immediate and more distant – of functional apparel and footwear. The exhibition is an introduction to the subject and an invitation to guests to follow the GORE-TEX brand as it continues to re-invent functionality.”

Stephen Mann, a stylist and creative consultant who has cultivated a distinctive position across the fashion and sportswear industries has been brought on board as a contributor to this iteration of “Selected Memories of Functionality”. His relationship with the GORE-TEX brand is manifested through a diverse range of lifestyle brands that capture both the historical significance and functional excellence of the GORE-TEX brand.

Stephen Mann says: “You can find these dual qualities in the futuristic functionality of ACRONYM® or the intensely artisanal approach behind visvim’s hand-crafted garments. They also appear in the distinctive iconography of Stone Island and C.P. Company, as well as in the new-school output from the likes of Arc’teryx Veilance, all reverent and disruptive at the same time.”

All of these brands – and countless more – push GORE-TEX product technologies into bold new dimensions. They inspire – and in some cases are inspired by – people such as Stephen. His “Selected Memories” tell a deeply personal story of the GORE-TEX brand. It is a story that also captures the wider impact of GORE-TEX product technologies in a lifestyle setting.

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