19. August, 2015 ,

Pep Guardiola rejects the rain by using GORE-TEX products: An interview with Guardiola

Question: Why did you agree on this partnership?

Pep Guardiola “For many years my family and I have worn GORE-TEX jackets and shoes in our daily life, be it for outdoor sports activities or in the city. I like the philosophy of the company and therefore I’m happy to be a spokesperson for the brand.

Question: Why do the philosophies match?

P.G.: “I am a success-oriented person with high expectations on myself and on others. Perfectionism, passion and dedication are my energy sources and what leads me to reach my goals. From what I have learned about Gore and how they engineer and test their products, I feel we are sharing this value set.

Question: What exactly does perfection mean to you?”

P.G.: “Only if you devote time and passion for a subject, you will become better every day. This is hard work but eventually it will lead to exceptional results. Transferred to Gore this means: before a GORE-TEX jacket will be sold in the stores, the jacket will be exposed to about 100 tests, be it washing, stretching, scratching, rain or breathability and ultimately field testing. I’m very impressed by this tenacity for getting it perfect.

Question: Why are you enthusiastic about GORE-TEX products?

P.G.: “Gore is the inventor of functional outdoor wear and throughout their history they brought many innovations to the market. They have a deep understanding of functional outerwear and their working style is precise and detail oriented. Consumers like me benefit every day from these innovations when being outdoors.

Question: Will you wear GORE-TEX jackets and shoes?

P.G.: “I already wear GORE-TEX jackets and shoes. In the past I wore the products mainly when doing outdoor activities in unpredictable weather conditions but I learned that there are also fashion and lifestyle partners of Gore that produce very nice citywear styles. So I look forward to wearing jackets and shoes made with GORE-TEX materials on other occasions all year round.

Question: Which kind of outdoor sports do you participate in other than football?

P.G.: “I like to play golf, not in the rain but on nice days. However, if it happens to rain, I could easily finish my 18-hole-game by using GORE-TEX jackets and shoes.”

Question: Will we see P.G. hiking or climbing with GORE-TEX athletes such as Edurne Pasaban or David Lama?

P.G.: “I admire Edurne, the first female to climb all 14 8.000er peaks, and for sure also David Lama for his extreme climbing skills. While I have full respect for their achievements, for the time being, I have no such plans to climb a mountain.”

Question: Regarding sustainability: what impression do you have of Gore being a responsible company?

P.G.: “I had a chance to read through their latest ‘Responsibility Update 2015’ in which they describe their activities. I must say that it is really impressive how much effort the company puts behind programs to reduce the environmental footprint.