Warm hands on the mountain: top tips from the GORE-TEX® athletes

Reaching the summit of K2 or making the first ascent of “Odyssee”, a route up the north face of the Eiger, the GORE-TEX® athletes are in constant search of new adventures. Wearing the right gear on their expeditions is of paramount importance. David Lama, Stefan Glowacz and co. know that effective hand protection is essential. The GORE-TEX® brand shares the best glove tips from its extreme sports athletes.

Tamara Lunger has reached the summit of K2 in Pakistan, the world’s second highest peak, without the aid of Sherpas or bottled oxygen. She knows all there is to know about extreme weather conditions: “Choosing the right gloves is essential to my survival. When I climb at high altitudes there are two things that are crucially important to me: warmth and waterproofness. Down and the GORE-TEX® fabric is an unbeatable combination,” says South Tyrolean climber Tamara Lunger. At intermediate altitudes I sometimes even rely on traditional wool – but then always teamed up with a GORE-TEX® glove shell.”

Extreme climber and alpinist David Lama is also always on the lookout for new adventures: for example making a free ascent of the legendary Compressor Route of the Cerro Torre, known for its sheer granite walls and unpredictable weather. For David Lama this was a dream come true. “In steeper terrain I prefer thinner gloves so that I have a better feel of the rock face. When it gets colder I put on insulated gloves with a good grip.” This is when athletes place their trust in GORE-TEX® product technology. Gloves with + Gore warm technology keep your hands warmer for longer, even at extremely low temperatures, thanks to an optimised glove construction offering enhanced insulting performance. GORE-TEX® gloves with + Gore grip technology offer committed athletes optimum tactility for a sure grip and better dexterity. The perfect choice for sports like ice-climbing or freeriding.

Quality and durability must meet expectations

Climber Stefan Glowacz is a true fan of + Gore active technology. These gloves are particularly suitable for activities involving strenuous physical activity. Quality and durability are also crucial factors for Stefan Glowacz. “When I’m climbing a big wall I need to be able to quickly doff and don my gloves, even when my hands are wet and clammy, without the lining getting pulled out. I also need gloves whose seams can withstand extensive and heavy use during the expedition and don’t burst after the first few days,” explains Stefan Glowacz.

What should you do if your hands are cold even though you are wearing gloves?

The athletes all agree: your gloves have to fit well for your hands to stay warm. “Your fingers need enough room for blood to circulate,” explains Tamara Lunger. And when nothing else works, Stefan Glowacz reverts to a tried and tested solution: a warm and cosy mountain hut with a nice hot glass of mulled wine.