10. November, 2011 ,

GORE-TEX Experience Tour “Share tips and tricks with Edurne Pasaban” has taken place successfully!

On October 15th 2011 at 06:00 a.m. Edurne Pasaban and the six GORE-TEX Experience Tour winners together with Chemari Carrera , top experienced mountain guide, left the mountain hut La Renclusa (2.140 m). Diana Carolina, Laura, Ana, Glória, Karolina and Lara grabbed their backpack and GORE-TEX outfit and met a demanding and exhausting more than 12 hour trekking to ascent Mount Aneto (3.404 m), the highest peak of Spanish Pyrenees. Their outdoor dream has come true. Finally they were with Edurne Pasaban sharing an unforgettable weekend.

Climb the Spanish Pyrenees, reach the top of the highest mountain and learn from the best: that sounds like the latest GORE-TEX Experience Tour! The amazing event with Edurne Pasaban, who climbed all 14 peaks above 8,000 meters, organized and sponsored by W.L. Gore and Associates, was designed exclusively for women to support the intercultural communication among the outdoor community. Young women could apply for this specific tour via the GORE-TEX outdoor products facebook fan page. With their application the winners had to explain their motivation to participate in this project:

‘My motto is to live life and accept challenges’, said the Colombian participant Diana Carolina about her motivation for participating. ‘That’s why I have partici-pated in the GORE-TEX Experience Tour. I try to overcome my fears and limita-tions by climbing higher following the chosen path, enjoying victory and knowing defeat. I love the mountains, rocks and extreme sports. The mountains teach me the lessons of life. As Chantal Maudit once said: ‘I search happiness and the mountains respond to my search’.’

Laura Yance, 27 from Spain, added: ‘I’m a Physical Education teacher and I love to do sports and teach them. I’m self-confident and demanding at work, but I’m also very patient and persevering. I always try to be positive. I don’t like to give up when faced with a challenge and I always keep on trying. This will has been an amazing adventure. I have been able to learn from a professional like Edurne and from the rest of the expedition!’

Ana Guerrero, another Spanish winner of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour, claims: ‘Sports have always ruled my life. I graduated in Sport Sciences and when I realized that our body can suffer due to excessive sport, I decided to study chiropractics. My aim is to develop a high performance sports career in the fu-ture. I was very interested in knowing what Edurne’s attitude is when she faces a challenge and I have been  excited being part of her team. And the Aneto is the perfect background for that’.

The six lucky winners have been let in on Edurne’s secrets and her vast experience in outdoor sports. Her knowledge and expertise have prepared them for challenging situations ahead and make their outdoor dreams come true. Edurne Pasaban pays tribute to the participants: ‘All candidates showed a highly qualified and professional profile, which is very diverse because they come from different countries. I’m very excited about this project and it’s been a unique experience’.

About GORE-TEX Experience Tour
The GORE-TEX Experience Tour is aimed at young people all over Europe who can communicate and share their experience on the GORE-TEX Outdoor Products Facebook Fanpage.
In order to apply, candidates have to state details about their personal motivation for participating. After that, it will be up to other visitors of the page to vote for their favourite candidates, who will then be evaluated by a panel of outdoor experts and the professionals. Those chosen will not only get an amazing experience with top experts in their fields, but also get the chance to blog and report about their experiences online via all possible social media channels.