GORE-TEX Experience Tour

GORE-TEX Experience Tour 2012: Alpcross – high altitude emotions

“Today it is so difficult to find the words to describe this experience…”. This is how the adventure on the Alps ends for the AlpCross event, an initiative that is part of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour 2012, which saw eight outdoor enthusiasts participating in an exciting crossing of the Alps accompanied by climbing legend Hans Kammerlander, professional photographer Bernd Ritschel, alpine guide Yann Delevaux and weather expert Karl Gabl. read more »

The GORE-TEX Experience Tour Fan Dance Challenge – When the going gets tough, the tough get going

  06. September, 2012
When our ‘recruits’ arrived in South Wales for the GORE-TEX Experience Tour nothing could have prepared them for the mental and physical journey ahead. Luckily our military experts knew exactly what skills they needed to learn in order to tackle the final challenge – completing the infamous Fan Dance in under 4 hours. read more »

The 4 lucky winners of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour have been selected. They will explore the Pyrenees in search for brown bears

  29. August, 2012 ,
Over a period of four days the 4 lucky winners of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour “Watch bears in the wilderness” will join an expedition of two forestry workers, a biologist and a professional photographer. read more »

The “Dolo-Nights” – the GORE-TEX Experience Tour helps ten hiking fans make a dream come true

  20. August, 2012
At the end of August the “Dolo-Nights” winners will be exploring the Dolomites by day and by night. The ten participants will have a hiking experience with a difference while discovering nature at its finest. Within the framework of the latest GORE-TEX Experience Tour Andris Malasevskis from Norway, Irina Stepanova from Latvia, Jack Page from […] read more »

International Mountain Summit 2012: “Present your mountain project” with the GORE-TEX Experience Tour

  19. July, 2012
International Mountain Summit (IMS) is a regular feature in the calendar of the majority of outdoor enthusiasts. Every year at the end of October the world’s top mountaineers and alpine adventurers, including the likes of Reinhold Messner and Edurne Pasaban, attend the event and share their experiences with IMS attendees. Using the motto: “IMS Adventure by the GORE-TEX brand”, this year the GORE-TEX Experience Tour is offering three lucky winners the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present their own mountain project at IMS. Applications can be submitted online at www.experience-tour.de until 22 August 2012. read more »

Who will do the Fan Dance? The GORE-TEX Experience Tour Team is announced!

  11. July, 2012 ,
A Latvian Laboratory Assistant, a Scottish Dog Trainer and a British Pilot are amongst the lucky people to have won a place on The GORE-TEX Experience Tour Fan Dance Challenge. As the competition entry level was so high, the number of team members has been increased from 7 to 10 to allow as many people as possible the chance to tackle this infamous route. read more »

A midsummer night’s dream – discover the “Dolo-Nights”

New GORE-TEX Experience Tour takes place in the Dolomites Win the chance to have the once in a lifetime opportunity of hiking through the Dolomites, by day and by night, as part of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour. Seven lucky winners – equipped with Marmot jackets – will be able to explore Italy’s most spectacular mountain range in the company of the ultimate guide: professional rock climber Stefan Glowacz. Applications can be made online at www.experience-tour.com. read more »

Ready for the “Sigun’exchange”?

  01. June, 2012
Register online at www.experience-tour.com and join French and Chinese mountaineers on a first-of-its-kind expedition. read more »

GORE-TEX Experience-Tour: AlpCross 2012

The Alps: home the highest and wildest mountains in Europe and one of the most divers mountain ranges in the world. Crossing these mountains by fair means, on foot, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience most outdoor enthusiasts only get to dream about! For eight European hiking enthusiasts this dream could come true during the AlpCross event of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour. And that’s not all: this unique tour is being led by professional photographer Bernd Ritschel and accompanied by leading mountain-experts such as climbing legend Hans Kammerlander and weather expert Karl Gabl and Guide de Chamonix Yann Delevaux. read more »

Can you do the Fan Dance?

  03. May, 2012
This year the GORE-TEX Experience Tour is going to challenge your physical and mental agility. We are looking for a team of people who will attempt an infamous trek through South Wales known as the Fan Dance. This 23.5km routes is used as a fitness and navigation skills test by the British Military and must be completed in just 4 hours. Only the very best will make it! read more »