24. March, 2017

GORE-TEX brand campaign encourages people to find their state of ‘flow’

Feldkirchen-Westerham (Mar. 24, 2017) — Building on the high level of trust that consumers have in GORE-TEX® products, W.L. Gore & Associates is launching a new GORE-TEX® brand campaign in 2017 that encourages people to follow their outdoor passions – and simply forget about their gear.

The ‘Don’t Think About GORE-TEX® products’ campaign plays on the idea that the more reliable your gear is, the more you are able to focus on whatever outdoor activity you most enjoy pursuing. And that the GORE-TEX® brand has the historical credentials and ongoing technological innovation to allow consumers to completely trust any product built with its products.

“People who are passionate about being outdoors are often all about getting into that state of ‘flow’ that’s achieved when you focus your attention fully on whatever activity you most enjoy doing,” said Achim Ewers zum Rode, brand leader for GORE-TEX fabrics. “Our ‘Don’t Think About GORE-TEX® products’ campaign reinforces what people already know about our brand – that you can completely trust our products. Because you are using the most sophisticated functional and comfortable technology available, you can focus your full attention on your passion, whether that’s running, hiking, traveling, playing sports, or any activity where you’re outside and exposed to the elements.”

Starting in April 2017, Gore Fabrics will deploy the campaign across a variety of digital and print platforms. Components will include brand storytelling and editorial, consumer contests and brand engagement activities, advertising, social and digital media, events, and adventurer/professional affiliations.