12. September, 2011

Lights, camera, action – during the next GORE-TEX Experience Tour, film professionals from E.O.F.T. will show you how to make your own outdoor film!

Majestic mountains, finest powdery snow and thrilling downhill runs: outdoor athletes know the fascination of outdoor sports in wild nature. Whether it is hiking, skiing or mountain climbing – only few things manage to fascinate the audience as much as they do the athletes themselves. Naturally, if they had the choice, passionate outdoor athletes would love to capture every single one of their experiences forever, preferably on camera. However, simple as this may sound, practice has shown that this is not nearly as easy as one would think. Particularly when one is out in the wild nature, the weather might often interfere with the filming or the lighting conditions might be insufficient. Expert know-how tends to be indispensable for producing high-quality videos. For this reason, in a workshop lasting four days, the next step of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour offers amateur filming aficionados and outdoor fans the unique chance of gaining valuable tips from the specialists of the European Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F.T.).

With the GORE-TEX Experience Tour, you can learn from E.O.F.T. professionals
For one year now it has been the declared objective of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour to bring amateur sport enthusiasts and outdoor fans together with professionals and experts, enabling and promoting the exchange among like-minded people. With the upcoming project, experienced professionals in the field of outdoor filming will be supervising and mentoring the four lucky winners, telling them more about tricks of the trade concerning outdoor filming. Jochen Schmoll, a documentary filmmaker from Ludwigsburg, was able to turn his childhood dream into reality, and has already successfully realised a variety of different outdoor films. With Matthias Thönnissen, director and editor of numerous E.O.F.T. films, the participants have an expert at their sides, helping them get pictures that say more than a thousand words. He will also provide valuable tips regarding the final film processing. Last but not least, the film producer Joachim Hellinger will support the winners of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour with both words and deeds. The co-founder of the E.O.F.T. has his own production company and works as a director for outdoor commercials.

Outdoor enthusiasts – do not hesitate, send in your application!
If you never leave your house without a camera, and if it has always been your dream to turn your outdoor experiences into a thrilling film, then you should apply via the website by sending in a short clip by the 30th of November. As always, the clicks of the Facebook community will decide by the 12th of December 2011 who the four lucky winners will be. For more information regarding the GORE-TEX Experience Tour, please visit the GORE-TEX Outdoor Products fan page and the Newsroom of GORE-TEX.

Basic Information
–    Application via Facebook until the 30th of November 2011
–    The project will be carried out in April 2012 and will last four days
–    This project is not a beginners’ course: passion for the great outdoors as well as filming experience are prerequisites
–    Both the costs for the journey to the destination as well as the overnight stays will be paid for

European Outdoor Film Tour – E.O.F.T.

E.O.F.T. is famous as no other production company for its atmospheric and breathtakingly beautiful pictures captured perfectly in stunning imagery. From October onwards you will be able to see for yourself the fascinating outdoor film shots – E.O.F.T. is touring through Germany. The tour will start in Füssen on the 8th of October 2011 and will end with the screening in Wiesbaden on the 12th of December. For specific dates, the programme as well as more information, please visit: www.eoft.eu.

Current projects of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour:

•    IMS Fan-Meeting in Brixen – Closing Date for Applications: 25th of September 2011
At the GORE-TEX Experience Tour in October, 40 winners will be given the chance to participate in an exclusive fan meeting with top-ranking athletes at the International Mountain Summit, which will take place from 22nd – 24th October in Brixen, South Tyrol. The mountaineering celebrities Edurne Pasaban und Stefan Glowacz will spend a whole day with the participants, giving them plenty of opportunities to ask questions and receive tips from the mountaineering icons.
•    With Edurne Pasaban in the Pyrenees – application closed
The running project of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour was created exclusively for female outdoor fans. In October the winners will ascend the summit of the Spanish Aneto, accompanied by the top-class professional mountaineer Edurne Pasaban.