25. October, 2011

A look behind the scenes: all about the GORE-TEX Experience Tour

Ever since it started in autumn 2010, the GORE-TEX® Experience Tour Project has kept its promise to connect outdoor fans with pros and let their dreams come true. In cooperation with many top athletes and high-end outdoor brands
® Experience Tour stands for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Majestic mountains, steep stone faces and dizzying heights – these are just some the things outdoor enthusiasts are dedicated to. Whether a trip to undiscovered climbing routes in Norway, an ascent to the peaks of the highest mountains of the Spanish Pyrenees or an alpine camp simulating the conditions of a Himalaya tour – the GORE-TEX® Experience Tour Project made all of this happen. Not only the field usage but also the production of outdoor equipment is within the focus: the GORE-TEX® Experience Tour Project also offers workshops in cooperation with high-end outdoor brands, in which participants can design and create e.g. individual Meindl shoes or Mammut jackets. These projects offer the opportunity to connect with the people who are passionate about using GORE-TEX® products and learn from their brilliant ideas.

Get together – learn from real professionals!

The ambitious goal of each GORE-TEX® Experience Tour is to bring outdoor enthusiasts into contact with experts and top athletes. Juergen Kurapkat, PR manager for the
GORE-TEX® brand, explains how the GORE-TEX® Experience Tour Project first started: “Over the years we have built up an extensive network of contacts through our relationship with sports personalities and manufacturing partners. So we came up with the idea of drawing on this vast store of knowledge and bringing together people who have all kinds of different ideas about outdoor activities and sports – including everyone involved in this fascinating industry: athletes, manufacturing partners, retailers and consumers.”

Experience more together – now and in the future

This idea worked out very well – the feedback of outdoor fans on the adventures of the GORE-TEX® Experience Tour Project has been amazing. And yet it’s quite reasonable – after all, who would want to miss a once-in-a-lifetime adventure? Even the top athletes and the cooperating brands are impressed with the passion and the enthusiasm of the participants.

The GORE-TEX® brand does not take this as an excuse to rest on its laurels – the successful project is going to be continued! The next thrilling adventures have already been scheduled!

The GORE-TEX® Experience Tour at a glance

  • 13 GORE-TEX® Experience Tours in 10 countries worldwide
  • Several hundred applicants
  • Under the guidance of leading top athletes
  • In cooperation with high-end outdoor brands