“1beats2” innovation: one-piece WINDSTOPPER® cycling jersey eliminates the need for an extra layer

At long last, W.L. Gore & Associates (Gore) will unveil its “1beats2” design solution at EUROBIKE 2015. Constructed with a lightweight, elastic three-layer WINDSTOPPER® laminate, the cycling jersey eliminates the need for an additional layer in certain weather conditions. At varying temperatures between +10°C and +20°C, bike riders will no longer need to constantly put on or take off jackets over their jerseys during bike rides. The one-piece, extremely breathable WINDSTOPPER® cycling jersey protects the wearer against the cold and wind, is light, offers great next-to-skin feeling and allows sweat to pass right through. Arm warmers can additionally be worn for extra warmth. One garment is better than two – 1beats2. GORE BIKE WEAR®, Löffler, Castelli, Maloja, 7Mesh, Odlo, Santini and Etxeondo will be unveiling their 1beats2 WINDSTOPPER® cycling jerseys at the end of August at EUROBIKE. Asics, adidas and GORE RUNNING WEAR® are planning to present their 1beats2 product ranges for runners in the near future.

Feldkirchen-Westerham, August 18, 2015 – The idea behind the development of the new WINDSTOPPER® cycling jersey came from professional bikers who encounter big variations in temperature, weather conditions and activity levels during long bike rides. When cyclists set off in the morning, it is often cool and cloudy and they need to wear a jacket over their jersey. During the ride, the rising sun increases the temperature, requiring a stop to remove and pack away the windbreaker jacket. Long descents often take place in the shade or towards evening when it cools down and once again the rider requires an additional layer. The constant stops waste time and interrupt the rider’s flow.

As a solution, Gore developed “1beats2”: a one-piece garment that is ideal for cycling at temperatures between +10°C and +20°C. The lightweight, elastic three-layer WINDSTOPPER® laminates are extremely breathable, reduce the risk of overheating, offer considerable thermal protection and are totally windproof – when necessary. That’s why 1beats2 jerseys are not only suited to cycling sports. They are a great solution for all highly aerobic activities, including running and cross-country skiing.

Alongside comfort and protection in a wide range of climates, the new 1beats2 designs offer cyclists the benefit of reduced weight: worn alone, the one-piece garment is up to 35 percent lighter than a regular jersey worn in combination with a jacket. Furthermore, fewer layers mean perspiration passes right through. Therefore, cyclists can concentrate fully on the task at hand. They are not distracted by uncomfortable garments, don’t have to slow down or stop to change their clothing and break their rhythm.

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