12. October, 2010

Better grip and faster reaction all year long

X-TRAFIT™ product technology from W.L. Gore & Associates delivers extremely secure grip while simultaneously offering extended wearer comfort for all year round use.

It is an undisputed fact that motorcyclists use their hands more than any other part of their body so a lot is expected of a good pair of motorcycle gloves: they should protect the wearer against injury and damage to the joints, be highly breathable in the summer and durably waterproof in rain.

Until the introduction of Gore’s X-TRAFIT™ product technology, if a glove could manage to do all these things, there was usually still one problem – bulk.  Most waterproof motorcycle gloves have four layers: a robust outer material, a layer of insulation, a waterproof layer and a lining.  Normally these layers are only joined at the finger tips meaning movement between these “loose” layers is inevitable and adversely affects their fit.

In the case of X-TRAFITTM Product Technology the individual layers are permanently bonded together by means of a special 3-D procedure which uses a hot setting adhesive and has been specifically engineered by Gore.  The gloves still deliver superb breathability, but bikers feel as though they are wearing a one-layer glove and enjoy perfect control whatever the situation.

Products with X-TRAFITTM Product Technology carry the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise as do all other GORE-TEX products.  Extensive testing has shown that GORE-TEX® motorcycle gloves with X-TRAFITTM Product Technology remain durably waterproof even after operating the clutch as many as 200,000 times.  At the same time they are highly breathable – a distinct advantage on hot summer days – because excess warmth and body moisture can immediately be transported out of the glove.  Gloves with X-TRAFIT™ technology really are perfect all year round products because in cold conditions most touring and sports touring bikes are already equipped with grip heating.

In order to ensure the high quality of these gloves, Gore runs a rigorous testing procedure before the gloves go into series production.  Before they go into series production all prototypes are tested for waterproofness and breathability in Gore’s climatised laboratories. They are also examined to see whether water beads up on the surface of the outer material and to determine the strength of the inner lining seams. In this way Gore ensures that all of its manufacturers meet its high quality standards.

The brands

15 manufacturers have included gloves with X-TRAFITTM Product Technology in their glove collections. These are Alpinestars, Bikers, BMW, Dainese, Eska, Hein Gericke, Held, iXS, Levior, Racer, Kushitani, Dane, REV’IT!, Rukka and Bering