The new brand and product architecture of GORE-TEX Gloves makes life easier

The GORE-TEX brand makes buying gloves easier than ever before. This coming 2015/16 Autumn/Winter ranges, Gore has introduced an intuitive product architecture that consumers can easily understand. Also being revealed is the new + Gore warm technology for GORE-TEX Gloves that keeps hands warmer for longer.

GORE-TEX Gloves offer enduring weather protection and comfort combined with balanced heat transfer and optimum moisture management – even in harsh conditions. The aim of the new product architecture is to make the supplementary technologies used in GORE-TEX Gloves easier to understand and choosing the right glove more straightforward for both sales staff and consumers. No changes have been made to the high quality and functional features that wearers have grown to expect from GORE-TEX Gloves: Gloves engineered with GORE-TEX product technology are durably waterproof, windproof and highly breathable. Different banderoles wrapped around the wrist indicate which supplementary technology has been used in the glove and help identify its benefits. Whether you are looking for extra warmth, a sure grip, flexibility or enhanced breathability, you can now easily find the right GORE-TEX Gloves for your activity.

Warmer. Longer.
Hands that stay warmer for longer – that is what the new GORE-TEX Gloves with + Gore warm technology is about. Even in harsh conditions coldsensitive sports enthusiasts can now expect added assistance when it comes to the temperature of their hands thanks to glove constructions consisting of an inner lining, an outer shell and the membrane. With an orange banderole wrapped around the wrist, these gloves are easy to recognise.

Drier. Longer.
The weather can change quickly and unexpectedly when you are ski touring or doing other winter sports. These activities are also often fast-paced and physically strenuous. That’s when you need a high level of breathability and you should be looking for GORE-TEX Gloves with + Gore active technology. You can recognise them by the light blue banderole wrapped around the wrist.

Outstanding tactility. Sure grip.
Gloves need to be able to do more than just protect their wearers from rain, and snow. They also need to offer tactility and dexterity. That’s why GORE-TEX Gloves with + Gore grip technology feature ease of movement and a secure grip for all your activities. If it’s a secure grip you are looking for, go for the gloves with a lime green banderole around the wrist.

One glove. Two options.
GORE-TEX Gloves with + Gore 2 in 1 technology offer sport enthusiasts maximum flexibility. They feature two different chambers so you can choose between a direct grip or added warmth. These multifunctional GORE-TEX Gloves have a beige banderole wrapped around the wrist.