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GORE-TEX Active Project: Extreme mountaineers’ expedition series moves on to world’s sixth-highest peak

Benedikt Böhm, Sebastian Haag and Greg Hill prepare for speed ascent of Cho Oyu (8,188 m) read more »

Expedition report part 4: Edurne Pasaban is back home

  08. June, 2011 ,
The Endesa Everest without O2 expedition is home again. In fact, the expedition members have been in Spain since Friday June 3rd 2011. They packed up all their gear at base camp after taking the decision not to climb Mount Everest without O2 with the rest of the expedition team, and set off for Kathmandu a few days ago. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the only thing to do after everything they had gone through. read more »

Expedition report part 3: Edurne and team mates are awaiting wind to stop at Everest peak

  18. May, 2011 ,
Spanish Mountaineer Edurne Pasaban is on her way to reach the summit of Mount Everest without carrying oxygen. Edurne and her expedition team have already been up at basecamp 2 and 3 for acclimatization and now they are awaiting wind to stop at Everest peak to be able to start climbing for their goal: “Everest without O2”. Read here another expedition report from Edurne about the last weeks and days at basecamp! read more »

Expedition report part 2: Edurne Pasaban on her way to Mount Everest – thinking about basecamp 2

  26. April, 2011 ,
Spanish Mountaineer Edurne Pasaban has left on an Expedition to climb Mount Everest without oxygen. In case of success, Edurne will be the first women to conquer all 14 eight-thousanders without oxygen. We have recently received a second report from Edurne Pasaban and her experiences during her expedition. read more »

Expedition report part 1: Edurne Pasaban on her way to Mount Everest

  13. April, 2011 ,
The mountaineer Edurne Pasaban, who became the first woman to conquer 14 “eight-thousanders” in 2008, has left for another expedition on 4 April 2011. Her goal: reach the summit without carrying oxygen. This is an expedition report from the first days in Nepal which we have received from Edurne. read more »

Expedition into the unknown: Stefan Glowacz in the Himalayas

  08. April, 2011 , ,
When Stefan Glowacz talks about his life, he likes to talk about types of climbing as if they are different games. That is because he has played most of them professionally, setting new standards: from competitive climbing at international events to alpine climbing in the remotest regions of the world. There is just one game he has not tried yet: climbing at high altitude. All that is going to change now, because on April 18th Glowacz will be heading to Nepal with top alpine climber David Göttler and specialist climbing and nature photographer Klaus Fengler. Here they want to ascend the 7,030-metre southern summit of the Gauri Shanka – but not by the normal route, of course. read more »

Edurne Pasaban will ascent Everest without oxygen

  01. April, 2011
The latest target: “The 14+1 Challenge: Everest without O2” The mountaineer is returning to the Himalayas to climb Everest (an 8,848- metre peak) with her colleagues Asier Izaguirre, Ferran Latorre and Nacho Orviz. Their adventure, in partnership with GRIFONE/ GORE-TEXº will leave for Nepal on 4 April, can be followed on TELEVISION ESPAÑOLA from 17 April. read more »