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Expedition report part 1: Edurne Pasaban on her way to Mount Everest

The mountaineer Edurne Pasaban, who became the first woman to conquer 14 “eight-thousanders” in 2008, has left for another expedition on 4 April 2011.
Her goal: reach the summit without carrying oxygen.

This is an expedition report from the first days in Nepal which we have received from Edurne:

“After a day’s rest in Nanche Bazar, today we advanced as far as Tengboche.
Our day in Nanche Bazar was peaceful: we walked to a district further up from there, Khunjung.  It was a decent walk and it did us good in terms of our continuing acclimatisation.  We came back in the afternoon, had another walk around the town and, of course, couldn’t resist having a cake in the Baqueri.

There are loads of people in the valley and we have met many groups that are here trekking.  We have met mountaineers from Majorca, Catalonia, Madrid, and from the Basque country… The truth is that for a moment it felt like we were at home, or in a street in any of the towns in the Pyrenees.  But we are not, we are in Nanche Bazar – it was a funny moment.

This morning we set off very early in the direction of Tengboche.  It isn’t a very long stage of our journey but it took us around 6 hours.  We stopped to take some photos, and to have some tea along the way.  The weather isn’t all that good, and in the afternoons the clouds cover the tops of the mountains.  We have had the odd day of rain, but today we were able to see Everest for the first time – and it did send a little shiver down my spine.  When you leave Nanche and begin your ascent, Ama Dablam almost immediately appears.  It is a spectacular sight.  You fall in love with this mountain as soon as you see it, and I hope to be able to climb it one day.  If you advance a bit further the impressive south face of Lhotse comes into view …  and above this the final part of Everest appears.

I find admiring Everest from here, so high up, incredible.  And to think that we only have another 5000 metres to go until we reach the top!  Blimey!  Oh well, must keep calm about it all.  In the mountains you have to take things one step at a time.  At the moment our objective is to reach base camp and suitably acclimatise.

I’m looking forward to reaching base camp now, getting ourselves settled in and starting climbing because these last few days when we have been trekking have got me a little unfocussed, what with so many people in the valley.  I know that we are going to climb Everest, but I feel a little strange.  I am not too worried though, as I am sure that when we set up the base camp everything will change.”

We’ll keep you updated about Edurne Pasabans experiences in the next days of her expedition.
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