01. April, 2011 ,

Edurne Pasaban will ascent Everest without oxygen

The latest target: “The 14+1 Challenge: Everest without O2”.

  • The mountaineer is returning to the Himalayas to climb Everest (an 8,848- metre peak) with her colleagues Asier Izaguirre, Ferran Latorre and Nacho Orviz.
  • Their adventure, in partnership with GRIFONE/ GORE-TEX will leave for Nepal on 4 April, can be followed on TELEVISION ESPAÑOLA from 17 April.

Madrid, 31 March 2011.  The mountaineer Edurne Pasaban, who became the first woman to conquer 14 “eight-thousanders” in 2008, presented her latest challenge today in Madrid: She is returning to Everest, at 8,848 metres the highest peak on earth, determined to reach the summit without carrying oxygen.

The expedition will set off for Nepal on 4 April. Once there, it will take a week to reach the Everest base camp on foot via the Khumbu Valley. This is situated opposite a giant cascade of ice blocks at an altitude of almost 5,400 metres. They will then spend several days acclimatising to the extreme altitude and work on the South Col route, the same used by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the first mountaineers to scale Everest in 1953. For Edurne Pasaban this is a familiar route because it was the one she took to reach the summit on 23 May 2001, the first time she had reached the summit of a mountain more than 8,000 metres high (on that occasion with oxygen).

Everest (8,848 metres) is the roof of the planet and represents the ultimate challenge for any mountaineer. The vast majority of those who attempt the ascent do so with bottled oxygen to make up for the lack of this gas at extreme altitudes. In the depleted air above a certain altitude, known as the death zone, frostbite and acute mountain sickness set in rapidly. Every year only a few mountaineers dare to face the ascent without supplementary oxygen. Edurne Pasaban can draw on her vast experience both on Everest, which she has already attempted to conquer once without oxygen, and other mountains just a few hundred metres smaller, which she has managed to climb without assistance.

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