GORE-TEX – Experience Tour: in the footsteps of Ines Papert

Candidate Sabine Bruckmeier gets an insight into the exciting life of Ines Papert and on one of her expeditions climbs up to an altitude of nearly 5,000 metres at a temperature of -15 °C.

Sabine from Tüssling in Bavaria/Germany was the successful winner of the final round of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour application procedure and was able to join four-time ice climbing world champion Ines Papert and her team as an expedition reporter in Kyrgyzstan/Central Asia from 21 September to 26 October.

The sudden onset of winter in Kyrgyzstan and the cold temperatures didn’t only take Sabine by surprise. Neither Ines nor her team were expecting such harsh conditions.  Even the journey was a nerve racking experience.

The five week expedition was certainly not lacking in excitement and tricky situations. In the end, they were within 200m of their goal. Yet the summit remained out of reach.

Initially Ines’ disappointment was huge, but overall she felt that it had been a positive experience. “It’s tough to have to give up so close to the summit, but at the same time it motivates you even more. We’ve gained a great deal of experience which we’ll incorporate into our plans for 2011.” It’s already been decided: Ines Papert will be back!

Visit this site for a detailed report of the expedition or read the expedition journal in which Ines and her team regularly blogged about their experiences in Kyrgyzstan.

GORE-TEX Experience Tour: candidate Sabine Bruckmeier

photo: Franz Walter

For Sabine, the expedition was an incredible experience. At a temperature of -15°C, together with photographer Franz Walter, Sabine made her way from the base camp to the ABC at an altitude of nearly 5,000m – an amazing accomplishment for an amateur outdoor sports enthusiast. She proudly wrote in her expedition blog:  “I’ve never been so high up in my life.”

The expedition totally lived up to Sabine’s expectations and Ines was able to give her all kinds of useful tips. “Ines helped me cope with the exhausting climb in freezing temperatures and inspired me to follow in her footsteps – or at least try to.”  Sabine’s strong will and stamina also impressed the whole team. After the expedition Ines thanked Sabine: “She helped us keep up our spirits and motivated us with her positive attitude!”

However, the most important lesson that Sabine learned was that “mountains are stronger than men”