09. July, 2012 ,

Junkies on a Budget

The freshest approach to freeski filmmaking


Junkies on a Budget ( JOB) is a completely new approach to making a ski movie, utilizing the latest technology and sourcing the best film and freeski talent throughout Europe. JOB redefines how ski movies are made by bringing together the most creative ski filmers, freeski crews and art directors from all over Europe to combine their forces and create an unforgettable piece of action sports cinematography. But the JOB project is not only producing some never seen before eye candy, we also want to scout the newest freeski and film talent and give them a once in a lifetime chance to finance their visionary ideas and present them to a broad audience.

The first Junkies on a Budget Movie, GORE-TEX JOB In Space presented by Marker Völkl, is ready for take off. The 2012 Junkies on a Budget consist of progressive film crews from all over Europe including Winter Project, Vecom Video, Aestivation Entertainment , We Make Them Wonder and Daniel Seideneder. Each film company will be providing their vision of our sport in an innovative 5-minute segment. An engaging plot line created by Clemens Purner, a passionate Austrian movie director, puts a completely new spin on the ski movie experience and makes sure to combine the different styles of each filmmaker into one great piece of freeski art. The goal is to bridge the gap between breathtaking freeski action and the art of story telling through motion pictures.

JOB In Space goes on a premiere tour all throughout Europe in autumn and features Europe’s best freeskiers including Phil Meier, Xavier Bertoni, Roman Rohrmoser, Jesper Tjäder, Thomas Dølplads, Roy Kittler, Ben Valentin, Adam Falk, Niklas Eriksson and many more. Anyone attending the premieres will have the chance to meet and party with film makers and pros, as well as find out who the “Junkies on a Budget” for 2012/13 will be. From autumn onwards entries into the next JOB selection will open on the website and anyone interested in participating in the next action sports cinematographic revolution should start getting excited!

Be sure to check out the first teaser for JOB In Space and stay tuned for more updates, teasers and trailers on the JOB Website. The Junkies will be releasing new surprising footage every Monday, to lighten up the start of the working week.

Because Monday is JOB day.
If you have now become curious, check our website for more infos about the project. The first In Space Teaser on YouTube or follow us on one of these social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

About Junkies on Budget:

Junkies on a Budget ( JOB) is a completely new approach to making a ski movie, utilizing the latest technology and most importantly scouting out the best film and freeski talent throughout Europe. Anyone with enough skill and artistry can be part of the next project. The goal of the ongoing JOB project is to find and bring together the latest and greatest filmers and freeskiers every year, combining their talents under artistic direction, and creating a boundary breaking ski movie.