Ralf Dujmovits

GORE-TEX Athletes and Event-Sponsoring

We have a long tradition of sponsoring professional athletes and selected projects. One of our first endeavours was to support Reinhold Messner in the late seventies with a product engineered with GORE-TEX product technology on an expedition in the Himalayas. Since then, we’ve been working with numerous athletes around the world and have supported hundreds […] read more »

GORE-TEX Experience Tour: Expedition Camp successfully completed!

After successful four days up in the mountains under the leadership of Ralf Dujmovits and Hajo Netzer, the “Gore Expedition Team” is now back home. The Expedition Camp was organised as part of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour and took place in an area of the Alps known as the Stubai Alps. Despite the wintry weather with rain and snow, all eight participants were able to complete the tour. Knee-deep snow provided a genuine expedition feeling although it also made the going extremely difficult – the ultimate test for the participants and their equipment! read more »

GORE-TEX Experience Tour: Expedition Camp participants have been announced

The Facebook community and professional alpinists Ralf Dujmovits and Hajo Netzer have made their decision: eight mountaineering enthusiasts from four European countries have been selected to attend the Expedition Camp that W.L. Gore & Associates is hosting over the Whitsun weekend high up in an area of the Alps known as the Stubai Alps, just south of Innsbruck. During the four-day camp the participants will gain a real sense of what scaling one of the world’s highest peaks is like! read more »

GORE-TEX Experience Tour: Expedition Camp in the Alps with Ralf Dujmovits

W. L. Gore & Associates is bringing a taste of 8,000 metre mountaineering to the Alps. As part of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour, Gore is setting up an expedition camp to give eight passionate, young climbers from across Europe a taste of high-altitude mountaineering for the very first time – without having to travel to the Himalayas. The camp will be led by professional mountain guides Ralf Dujmovits, who has already climbed all the 8000 metre peaks and Hajo Netzer, an expert for high-altitude medicine. read more »