25. January, 2011

The Great Place to Work: Gore Ranks Among Best in Italy

Gore’s latest ranking was no. 4. The rank order is based on an assessment of company practices as well as associate responses to a survey measuring trust in the organization. Associates in Verona attribute Gore’s high placement on the list to strong responses to such questions as “I am proud to work here” (96 percent positive) and “People are happy to come to work” (97 percent positive).

The Great Place to Work Institute, which conducts the competition, groups the survey questions according to five characteristics of great workplaces: credibility, respect, pride, camaraderie and fairness. “We scored at least 95 percent positive on all questions based on fairness and pride, which is a source of great pride in itself,” explains Monika Fattorello, who coordinated Gore’s participation in the competition. “In general, it’s our culture and how we live the culture on a day-to-day basis that keeps on the list. It’s valuable to appear on the list to attract new talent, but also because it is important for us to know that our associates believe we are a great place to work.”