22. March, 2010 ,

Dortmund races on – Second WINDSTOPPER® TRAILRUN WORLDMASTERS in Dortmund

This year for one weekend, Dortmund will become the Mecca for national and international trail runners again. For many participants, the second WINDSTOPPER® TRAILRUN WORLDMASTERS from November 5–7, 2010, will be the highpoint and at the same time the conclusion of the 2010 running calendar.

“Dortmund is eagerly anticipating the second WINDSTOPPER® TRAILRUN WORLDMASTERS and it is hoped the event will initiate a long and lasting collaboration. In a unique industrial setting and a diverse range of natural landscapes, moments of physical exertion will go hand in hand with moments of joy,” says Ullrich Sierau, City Manager of the City of Dortmund.

Before the title of “Trailrun Worldmaster” can officially be bestowed on the winner on Sunday, November 7th, 2010, participants must first complete a course of nearly 68 kilometres during the three days of the event, which includes a total ascent of more than 1,300 metres on the most beautiful and demanding trail routes the Ruhr has to offer.

“Meet and Greet” – amateur runners and professionals start together

On all three trails, pros and amateurs alike will line up together as they wait to start this running event, one that is unique in Germany. Despite the enticing appeal of the 20,000 euro prize money waiting at the end, for most of the starters a “good time” will not be the be-all and end-all of the competition. “I think it’s a good idea that runners from widely differing athletic backgrounds will be competing alongside one another at the venue,” says Martin Block, leading top long-distance track runner and Finisher at the first WINDSTOPPER® TRAILRUN WORLDMASTERS in Dortmund. “It creates an outstanding atmosphere during the race, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced anywhere else.”

“Of course some runners will have to push themselves to their limits before trying on the Finisher shirt with pride at the Phoenix grounds on Sunday. The mere hope of crossing the finishing line and enjoying the amazing atmosphere is the absolute triumph and allure of this competition,” says amateur runner Frank Bauknecht regarding his motivation for taking part in the second WORLDMASTERS event in Dortmund. The topography of the course, the urban industrial setting and the combination of various distances make the WINDSTOPPER® TRAILRUN WORLDMASTERS an event the likes of which has never been seen in Germany before.

The great outdoors becomes a running track

The setting for the WINDSTOPPER® TRAILRUN WORLDMASTERS is also unique. The start and finishing lines are both located at the Phoenix grounds in Dortmund Hörde, against the backdrop of the restored blast-furnace of the former Hoesch plant. The start of the first stage, the Phoenix Sprint over 5.0 kilometres, is scheduled for Friday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. The long-distance race, the Ruhrklippen Trail over 39 kilometres on trails around Dortmund, will follow on Saturday. The third and final stage of the competition, the Bittermark Run, following a 24-kilometre course that includes a 340 metre climb, is scheduled for Sunday. The three days of competition will therefore place considerable demands across a wide range of running disciplines.

Participants will start in four different classes: MEN, MEN MASTERS (over 50 years), WOMEN, and WOMEN MASTERS (over 50 years).

The cost of entry for all three races, including on course and finishing line catering, a high-value starter pack, pasta party each evening, and supporting programme, is 149 euros.

Further information and images relating to the WINDSTOPPER® TRAILRUN WORLDMASTERS 2010 are available at http://www.trailrunworldmasters.com.