01. June, 2012

Ready for the “Sigun’exchange”?

Register online at www.experience-tour.com and join French and Chinese mountaineers on a first-of-its-kind expedition.

18 days of top level mountaineering in the Siguniang Shan Mountains (China) together with Chinese and French mountaineers, including Christophe Dumarest of Team GORE-TEX, await the lucky winner of the selection process organised by GORE-TEX through the www.experience-tour.com website. In November 2012 the winner will have the opportunity to take part in an exceptional expedition to one of central China’s mountainous regions. The expedition party will establish new routes and set out to conquer previously unclimbed peaks.
 The selection process will take place in several stages:
– a first stage between 14 May and 1 July 2012 when the 3 finalists will be chosen through a selection process based on a number of criteria (profile, list of routes climbed, selection panel, votes on Facebook)
– on 4 and 5 August 2012 the 3 finalists will have the opportunity to spend a weekend with Christophe Dumarest in the Mont Blanc Massif completing a programme of mountaineering related activities
– at the end of the weekend the lucky winner will be announced. He or she will be given the chance to accompany Christophe on his expedition to China

Expedition overview:
Groupe de Haute Montagne (GHM – High Mountain Group) is the organisation behind the “Sigun’exchange” project. Its members consist of mountaineers from France and other countries who regularly attempt difficult climbs at high altitudes. The aim of this Franco-Chinese project is to meet the best local mountain climbers and share their experiences, techniques and culture. The French mountaineers from GHM include Christophe Dumarest, Christian Trommsdorff, Aymeric Clouet and Julien Dusserre.
The Chinese mountaineers are from the China Mountain Development Institute which was founded in 2006 by the Chinese Mountaineering Association to train professional mountain guides in China.

Following the example of other Europeans, GHM now wishes to explore China’s hitherto little-known interior regions. Many of the world’s wildest and most majestic mountain ranges lie hidden in the shadow of Chomolongma (Everest).
Each party, consisting of top mountaineers, two French and one Chinese, will set their own objectives depending on weather windows. These objectives will be chosen from a group of 4 summits for which climbing permits will have been negotiated in advance with the Sichuan Mountaineering Association

Christophe Dumarest  

Christophe is 32 years old. He is part of the new generation of French climbers: quick, technical and aesthetic. His accomplishments include a winter attempt to open a new route on the North Face of Grandes Jorasses (6 days) and crossing the mountain range of Les Ecrins via 8 north slopes in 12 days with his friend and climbing partner Aymeric Clouet.
“The great north faces of the Alps and the legendary summits of Mont Blanc which fuelled my adolescent imagination are now my playgrounds. Expeditions to faraway places and legendary yet technically demanding summits now provide me with plenty of opportunities to take up some great new challenges. My aim is to cope with the difficulty of the climb while promoting harmony within the team.”