18. September, 2012

GORE-TEX Transalpine-Run 2012 – A dream comes true

On Saturday, September 8, the GORE-TEX TRANSALPINE-RUN ended with an emotional crossing of the finishing line in Sexten in South Tyrol. The 8th edition of the legendary stage run was not only an event of superlatives because of its record length of 320 kilometers and 15,000 difference in altitude. Never before has the competition been so international with runners from 32 nations and never before have the athletes been so toughly sifted through during the run.  Therefore the 450 runners had a reason to be happy when they could put on the popular finisher shirt after 8 days. 

The eight daily stages with averagely 40 kilometers and 1,900 meters of elevation gain were extremely demanding from the very beginning. The runners had to master numerous peaks and stony trails, impressive canyons and ridges and they also had to be careful because of the unstable weather: At first good technique and slip-proof shoes were crucial due to the rain, wind and extremely muddy paths downhill. The adaptability of the athletes and their clothes were challenged in the second half of the week when there were very low temperatures when starting and sunshine during the day. 

Apart of the trail and the weather the run manager, Uta Albrecht, sees another challenge in the teamstart’s concept: “The GORE-TEX TRANSALPINE-RUN brings the runners into a state of exceptional circumstances, in which both the body and the spirit are pushed to their limits. During the run the team spirit is put to the test, since it often becomes obvious during the run how difficult it is to show consideration for the partner and sometimes even to constrain the own ambitions. The emotions that are brought to the surface at such a run weld together the participants. Those runners are the happiest who run over the finishing line together with their partner on the last day.”

Out of 300 tag teams that started the run 175 teams finished it together. 82 runners had to finish the run as individuals, since their partners dropped out of the run. Philipp Reiter (GER) and Iker Karrera (ESP) were the strongest tag team with seven stage wins in a row and two trail records. The Team “Salomon International” achieved the overall victory at the GORE-TEX TRANSALPINE-RUN 2012 with a total of 31:53 hours. Most of the finishers were from Germany, followed by runners from Spain. Runners from Israel, Australia, Japan or Brazil were among the happy Alpine crossers too. “That’s what makes us happy the most,” says Jürgen Kurapkat, who is responsible for the GORE-TEX TRANSALPINE-RUN at the title sponsor GORE-TEX Products. „It is a wonderful atmosphere to run with runners from so many countries over the Alps. Each one of them has his/her own personal goal, but the pleasure to run in the nature and to have a unique experience away from the daily routine unites them all.”

Next year the run will take place on the west route from Oberstdorf to Latsch. The starting positions are limited to 250 teams; the registration is possible from December at www.transalpine-run.com

All results of the GORE-TEX TRANSALPINE-RUN are available online: http://services.datasport.com/2012/lauf/transalpine/