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An innovative step: GORE-TEX Footwear presents its SURROUND™ Product Technology

With its latest innovation Gore is quite literally treading new ground:  GORE-TEX® shoes to surround your feet with 360 degree climate comfort! This is made possible by an innovative shoe construction which has an “open” sole structure, making casual footwear and children’s shoes comfortable in each situation. Whether you’re out in a thundershower or working in the office – SURROUNDTM Product Technology from GORE-TEX® footwear will always protect and keep you in the comfort zone. This technology is being incorporated by leading footwear brands in their spring and summer 2010 shoe designs.

The new technology provides durable waterproof protection in combination with all-round breathability by allowing sweat to escape through the upper assembly as well as through the large open surface of the unique sole. Footwear incorporating this new technology is also capable of transporting heat away from your feet and is therefore the ideal choice in moderate to warm climate.

For enhanced comfort: all the benefits in a single product

Consumers can immediately see the new functionality and “intuitively understand” it. After all, the open surface in the soles are a clear indication of breathability. This innovative structure opens up new design opportunities for Gore’s brand partners. Another advantage is that, like all other GORE-TEX® shoes, the new styles are totally and durable waterproof. Water cannot penetrate. If a light spring shower or a summer thunderstorm takes you by surprise, your feet will always stay dry. This is thanks to the special GORE-TEX® laminate, incorporating the GORE-TEX® membrane which is at the heart of the shoe. It features over 1.4 billion micro-pores per square centimetre.

Each of these pores is 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, yet 700 times larger than a moisture vapour molecule. This means that moisture cannot penetrate from the outside although sweat produced by your feet can easily escape.

GORE-TEX® footwear with SURROUNDTM Product Technology: shoe construction.

The waterproofness of GORE-TEX® shoes with SURROUND™ Product Technology is guaranteed by a GORE-TEX® lining laminate, embedded in the upper assembly and “surrounding” the feet from above as well as from below. Extensive testing carried out prior to production has shown that large openings on the sole offer meaningful consumer benefit. A thin layer of a special non-woven fabric in the sole protects the GORE-TEX® laminate from sharp objects. All components of the shoe upper are ideally matched so that they complement each other. From the water repellent Velcro fasteners or laces to the sealed seams – Gore pays attention to every individual detail.

Tested and guaranteed quality: up to 500,000 steps in a water bath

In Gore’s laboratories all shoe components undergo rigorous testing. The “wicking test”, for instance, is carried out on each of the individual components, from the leather to the sewing thread, to see whether and to what extent they absorb water. The reason for this is that materials which soak up water could transport moisture to the edge of the upper and possibly into the inside of the shoe. In the “flex machine” – a special walking simulator – the test shoes have to take up to 500,000 steps submerged in a bath of water. This roughly corresponds to an 825 km hike over wet grass or in a stream. In the climate chamber the going gets even tougher: artificial feet drenched in sweat are put into test shoes to measure their breathability. The final products thus meet the highest quality standards. Gore vouches for this with its GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRYTM satisfaction promise here.