20. April, 2012

A shoe for every adventure

Make sure your kids are equipped for every step of their journey with GORE-TEX shoes with SURROUND™ product technology

They tip-toe for the ideal hiding place, stamp to music, run around and climb trees – kids’ feet are always on the move seeking out adventure. Sensible and suitable shoes are crucial when it comes to having fun discovering new things. Parents know what their child’s feet need and will opt for the most functional and highest quality shoes.

No more argueing in front of the shoe rack
Besides functionality, parents know that when it comes to their children design also matters. Only a shoe that is pleasing to the eye will make it onto their child’s foot.
GORE-TEX shoes with SURROUND™ product technology satisfy both parents’ and kids’ needs: Shoes that appeal to the tastes of little ones but are also entirely breathable and durably waterproof. Whether they are splashing around in a muddy playground the shoes prevent feet from getting wet and keep them dry and pleasantly cool on hot summer days. Kids are not only delighted about their dry feet and the range of colorful styles, but are fascinated by the unique visible sole, which is where the magic happens.

How the innovative sole works
The secret of the SURROUND™ product technology is the GORE-TEX laminate, the linchpin of which is the waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX membrane. It has 1.4 billion micro pores per square centimeter, which are 20,000 times smaller than water droplets – but 700 times larger than the molecules of water vapor. This membrane surrounds your feet and lets excess heat and sweat pass through the vents in the innovative structure of the sole, without letting moisture enter from outside. Extensive product tests and optimum production quality guarantee that perfect function and top climate comfort surround your feet all spring and summer long.

Visible function – technology meets design

Consumers can immediately and intuitively understand the new functionality, as the gaps in the structure of the sole clearly indicate the all-round breathability. The GORE-TEX brand partners can create all kinds of designs in various styles and colors – and for the first time incorporate the sole as an element of the overall design. A special, extremely resistant fleece, which is embedded between the GORE-TEX laminate and the upper, decorative layer, protects your feet and the GORE-TEX laminate from stones or sharp objects.

These functional shoes for kids are available from Primigi and Superfit.