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ISPO 2012 News: Stretch the fun to the extreme: The new all way elastics GORE-TEX products

Elasticity is a key feature for improved comfort and matches the common requirements of modern life: Being flexible is characteristic for individual sports. With all way elastics GORE-TEX products, W. L. Gore & Associates meets those demands perfectly.

A brilliant winter’s day, a magnificent mountain panorama and fresh snow – all of these cause heart-throbs for thrill-seekers. The major desire is to feel free while conquering the untouched white. Freedom of movement is a crucial factor for feeling comfortable, especially in winter sports. The same applies to softness and quietness. As a specialist in the outdoor segment, Gore has launched six new all way elastics GORE-TEX products. For AW’12, several clients of W.L. Gore & Associates, among them Peak Performance, DKB and Powderhorn, present the first styles made of all way elastics GORE-TEX laminates. These innovative garments guarantee superior mobility in all those sports where flexibility is indispensable.

More comfort = more fun!

In addition to the improved flexibility and the soft and quiet features of the new all way elastics GORE-TEX products, they inherit the GORE-TEX brand value proposition: garments engineered with GORE-TEX products are durable water and windproof combined with optimized breathability, to keep the insulation dry and prevent heat loss – which is crucial in winter – for warmer, drier and more flexible freedom outdoors!

Gore welcomes you at this year’s ISPO in Munich: Hall B6 – Booth 300