03. March, 2010 ,

Super soft & super light: Gore’s summer campaign for the world of fashion

Super-soft fabrics with GORE-TEX products? No one had ever been able to imagine that before because these high-tech textiles are better known as “hard shells.”

But the innovative high-tech business isn’t willing to accept this situation and is launching a campaign for the world of fashion with a new solution that offers its customers genuine added value. The new GORE-TEX Performance Shell stands for fabric combinations in microfiber quality that redefine wearing comfort and naturally integrate first-rate functionality in urban designs. The results are light as a feather, uncommonly quiet, and convincingly soft to the touch.

Like this men’s jacket from Eres: it’s super soft, unbelievably lightweight and a perfect companion for the summer – not only because of its color. This new jacket isn’t made for wimps, but for active guys who refuse to compromise. And it keeps its promises: 100% watertightness. 100% windproof. 100% active breathability.

Manufacturers such as Bugatti, Camel Active and Pierre Cardin include the new GORE-TEX Performance Shell in their collections.