The Freeride Community Expands

At ispo 2010, the manufacturers of GORE-TEX clothing and gloves will present freeride collections that perfectly combine Gore functional materials to satisfy the different requirements of deep-snow fans.

Gliding casually across untrammeled snow, far away from prepared slopes – that’s freeriding! The thrilling experience that used to be accessible only to ski-hikers and extreme athletes has now reached a big community of fans. Increasingly many skiers and nowboarders love deep snow and steep mountainsides, many of which can now be accessed via ski lifts. This has expanded the
community and put new, tougher and more finely differentiated demands on the clothing.

In demand: not just any functional material, but only the best one for each purpose
The manufacturers of GORE-TEX clothing and gloves have responded to precisely this demand in the winter of 2010/2011.Their outstanding models for freeriders are equipped with various GORETEX® materials because these products meet the complex needs of this target group. The days are long gone when winter athletes could be satisfied by just any functional material. For good reason, too, because GORE-TEX products offer much more. They help their wearer stay even drier by protecting against moisture from both outside and inside. Functional undergarments transport body moisture away from the skin and through both the insulating middle layer and the protective outer layer. This keeps the skin dry so a freerider can concentrate 100% on unforgettable powder lines.

Stay Warmer: Only a dry insulation keeps you warm. GORE-TEX laminates keep the insulation dry.
When the sun sinks behind the mountains, coldness can detract from the pleasure of freeriding. That’s when insulating clothing solutions are top priority. Only a dry insulation warms optimally, so it’s important to protect the insulation against moisture – from the outside and from the inside. Exactly that is what GORE-TEX products achieve. For example, the GORE-TEX Soft Shell material, which Arc’teryx uses in the highlight models of its Whiteline collection. The laminate combines the best properties of soft shells and hard shells. It’s perfect for skiers and snowboarders who are exposed to abrupt changes between breathtaking descents and the cooling that occurs when riding a lift. It’s also ideal for winter sports fans who want to stay outdoors for an especially long time

Stay Dryer: GORE-TEX Pro Shell, the material for highly demanding tours in rugged backcountry
GORE-TEX Pro Shells are the material of choice among enthusiasts who believe that an untrammeled mountainside is only a genuine pleasure if it’s also far from crowded slopes and accessible only through their own efforts. GORE-TEX Pro Shells are made of the extremely robust materials that are essential when the freerider wears a heavy rucksack and has to abseil down cliffs to reach the perfect slope. Even if a freerider starts to perspire heavily, this material’s extremely high active breathability helps to keep his body temperature within a comfortable range. Furthermore, it’s also light as a feather and it packs small so that it can be easily stowed during lengthier ascents. Style also plays a major role here. Even these high-tech models fully do justice to this target group’s fashion
preferences. This stylishness is clearly evident in the new GORE-TEX Pro Shell jackets and pants that Sweet Protection, Wild Roses, Norrona, Salomon, Peak Performance, Burton, Schöffel, The North Face and other brands will present at ispo 2010.

A new generation of inserts for even more performance in all GORE-TEX gloves – also especially for the sport of freeriding.
As is also true for jackets, in gloves too the construction and combination of functional materials is crucial for assuring that the product can cope with its intended application. Gore has developed four different product classes for gloves to provide winter athletes with uncompromising comfort and outstanding protection. The X-TRAFIT™ product technology is optimal for use by freeriders because it combines a perfect grip with the utmost mobility, especially in rough terrain. The development of the next insert generation has enabled all GORE-TEX gloves to achieve enormous improvements in their active breathability, durability and softness. The results are the best GORE-TEX gloves ever, as is convincingly proven by new models from Burton, Dakine, Ziener,
Level, Zanier, Snowlife and other brands.