25. November, 2008 ,

The innovation for optimal grip and dexterity for winter sports – GORE-TEX gloves with X-TRAFIT™ product technology

GORE-TEX gloves have a reputation for being highly breathable and windproof, and for staying waterproof. At the ISPO 2009 trade fair, the functional specialist W. L. Gore & Associates will present a new technology which for the first time also allows optimal grip and complete flexibility: The X-TRAFIT™ product technology for GORE-TEX winter sports gloves.

The innovation
People who practice sports on the ice or snow need to protect their hands. Waterproof and breathable gloves are essential for this. Conventional models that provide protection from moisture and the cold usually consist of several layers and are highly insulated, making it harder to get a good grip. The new technology is the ideal solution for all applications that call for reliable grip and complete flexibility. It has already been successfully used in motorcycle gloves for three years, and will now be adapted for Snowsports. In order to obtain the significantly improved grip and the flexibility, the membrane and lining are firmly attached to one another with special breathable adhesives. The revolutionary feature is that between the outer material and the membrane in the fingers and in the palm region there is a “grip tape” specially designed by Gore. When the different layers of material are pressed against one another, for example when holding the ski pole, the grip tape prevents movement of the individual layers; when no pressure is exerted the glove remains soft and flexible. The result: the glove provides optimal grip, flexibility and comfort.

The ideal applications for GORE-TEX gloves featuring X-TRAFIT™ product technology:

Free skiing and snowboarding: tricks on kickers and in the pipe only look easy with a firm grip. The new gloves always ensure you have the right grip – helping to achieve that all-important safe landing.

Free riding and back-country: a strong grip on the ski poles is particularly essential off-piste. You stay in control – both during your ascent and on the wild ride back down.

Ski racing: when descending at speed, you cannot afford to lose your sure grip even for one second. You can rely on the gloves – even on the swiftest descent.

Mountain climbing and ice climbing: on cliffs and glaciers, every handhold matters. With the new gloves you’re always in control – allowing you to reach the loftiest heights.

Quality control
To guarantee the highest quality, all Gore materials are tested before they can be made into a glove. The individual manufacturers have to produce the gloves to Gore’s exact specifications. Gore then tests the prototypes under extreme conditions. This ensures that the quality of all manufacturers meets Gore’s high standards and every single glove lives up to the promise: ”GORE-TEX guaranteed to keep you dry®“.

25 manufacturers will offer GORE-TEX gloves with X-TRAFIT™ product technology for the first time in the 2009 winter season. They include: Black Diamond, Bonfire, Burton, Dakine, Drop, Eska, Gordini, Hestra, Kombi, Leki, Level, Mammut, Marmot, Matt, Outdoor Research, Racer, Reusch, Roeckl, Quiksilver, Scott, Snowlife, Trango, Trekmates, Zanier, Ziener.