02. December, 2010 ,

The GORE-TEX Experience Tour: Mastering the Nordic Wilderness

The outdoor photo contest is coming to a decisive stage. The selected ten finalists got a quest to shoot: “The (outdoor) Atomic Theory. Capture outdoor action in a close up that tickles the viewer’s fantasy, a small detail that makes you think about what’s happening outside the image’s frame.”
As the deadline is around the corner, almost all of the finalists have turned in the quest, a compilation of amazing pictures is getting bigger in our server.
The contest launched by Gore in the context of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour offers a first price that will be a once in a life time experience for the two winners to be appointed by the jury: A long weekend in Lapland, close to the Polar Circle, learning to become a better photographer under the mentorship of Dan Kullberg, one of Sweden’s best outdoor and lifestyle photographers.
Latest the 15th of December, the winners will be announced. Knowing that the quality of the pictures could be high and even, we decided to give the jury plenty of time to judge and choose. The ten finalists are:
Benjamin Bolland, Marie Linner, Callum Stone, Jesper Anhede, Richard Lindberg, Martin Pålsson, Jonas Wallström, Ivan Segerstrom, Espen Loff Schive and Hampus Samuelsson.
See their amazing pictures that took them to the finals on our Facebook Fanpage: GORE-TEX Outdoor Products or on our GORE-TEX products Flickr Account.