04. October, 2010 ,

GORE-TEX Experience Tour – The adventure is about to begin…

GORE-TEX Experience Tour - candidate Sabine Bruckmeier

Photo: Thomas Senf

In July 2010 the GORE-TEX Experience Tour was launched, inviting young people from all over Europe to apply on website for a chance to take part in a variety of outdoor challenges. The ambitious objective is to bring together expert heroes and the young outdoor community.
The first expedition is about climbing the untouched summit of Mount Kyzyl Asker in Central Asia with Ines Papert. We received many applications from young qualified and talented outdoor enthusiasts, ready to accept this challenge.

The facebook application process as well as the casting of 5 final candidates was completed successfully. The whole expedition equipment is packed and on its way now to the northern Himalaya region by air cargo. The six team members left Germany on September 21st
– the expedition to Mount Kyzyl Asker is ready to kick off!

Welcome to the expedition team, Sabine.

What has happened so far: the whole expedition team consisting of Ines Papert, Wolfgang Ruesseger, Thomas Senf, Franz Walter and Christian Materna spent a very entertaining but also exhausting weekend in Bayerisch Gmain, Germany where they met the final 5 candidates of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour for a “casting-hike” in the Berchtesgadener Alps.
In driving rain and sleet the whole crew made it to the Hocheck summit (2651m). A good tour to put the 5 applicants through their paces…

A few hours later back in the valley they had to come to a decision regarding the 5 candidates: who should be the lucky one going with them on this special expedition to Mount Kyzyl Asker? Ines recalls: “I have to say that all 5 candidates were really pleasant and sociable! It was a really hard decision because all of them had the required skills – we would have loved nothing better than taking them all with us!”

However, the team had to choose one candidate: Sabine Bruckmeier is the new team member! Congratulations! Her tears of joy infected everyone present – that was one of the most beautiful moments of the whole day as Ines assured later.

Sabine is 30 years old and a real outdoors addict! “I need the mountains like I need the air to breathe. Every weekend in any wind and weather I am outdoors riding my MTB or just walking – it’s just like charging my batteries with energy for the week!!! Going on this expedition is an ambitious dream come true, but I never expected it to happen head over heels like that. Right from the start I was very comfortable with the rest of the team, I really felt supported and secure and that made me have a splendid feeling.”, she says.