GORE-TEX Experience Tour

Excelente acogida de la mesa redonda “Las Tres caras del Freeride” organizado por Gore-tex® y Vèrtic

  21. December, 2015 ,
El auditorio de la Universidad de La Salle se llenó con aproximadamente 200 entusiastas del freeride, siguiendo con enorme interés las explicaciones de los Raiders profesionales Seb Michaud, Giuliano Bordoni, Aymar Navarro y el guía de montaña, Lionel Philippe. Pasadas las 7 de la tarde del pasado jueves 5 de noviembre, la antesala del auditorio […] Más información »

GORE-TEX Experience Tour: reviviendo la historia con Edurne Pasaban

  27. February, 2015 , ,
    Siguiendo los pasos de Lucy: si persistes, tus sueños, pueden hacerse realidad. Edurne Pasaban conoce muy bien las montañas del planeta, no en vano fue la primera mujer del mundo en completar los catorce ochomiles. En junio de 2015, la escaladora vasca irá a los Alpes para dirigir un proyecto muy especial dentro […] Más información »

GORE-TEX Experience Tour – La aventura está a punto de empezar…

  21. May, 2014 ,
En julio de 2010 se lanzó la GORE-TEX Experience Tour con una invitación online a jóvenes de toda Europa para participar en diversos retos outdoor. Su ambicioso objetivo consiste en reunir a iconos profesionales del deporte con la joven comunidad outdoor. El próximo capítulo de la GORE-TEX Experience Tour se celebrará del 24 al 27 […] Más información »

Freeski Mountaineering Camp 2014 (28.3.-30.3.2014)

“She’s the boss!” At least that’s the way Joe Vallone puts it. He’s referring to La Meije, the 3974 metre high mountain that governs the lives of everyone in the nearby village of La Grave and any skiing they may do. The small ski resort of La Grave cowers 2500 metres below the spectacularly rugged rock and ice of the north face of La Meije. Joe is originally from America. As an avid freeskier he came to La Grave many years ago and has stayed on ever since. He was one of the participants in the Freeski Mountaineering Camp, an event that was organised as part of the GORE TEX Experience Tour. The participants were accompanied by legendary freeriders Seb Michaud and Bruno Compagnet and professional alpine mountaineer Christophe Dumarest. Joe and five other ambitious freeskiing enthusiasts from all over Europe were chosen to take part in the event which involved GORE-TEX athletes Seb Michaud, Bruno Compagnet and Christophe Dumarest guiding them down the spectacular descents and steep couloirs of La Meije. Más información »

Triathlon is distinctly passé: the GORE-TEX brand invites participants to join its Alpine Quattrathlon

  17. February, 2014
Both stunning and formidable – the Alps offer sports enthusiasts end-less opportunities for that unique experience. The latest GORE-TEX Experience Tour is now inviting participants to join a very special out-door alpine event: its Alpine Quattrathlon. On four consecutive days the participants will make their way through four different countries – while engaging in four different sports disciplines. From March 1st, 2014 any-one who is looking for the adventure of a lifetime can register online at www.experience-tour.com. Más información »

Henri Lloyd GORE–TEX® Experience Tour winners take on the Clipper Race

  02. December, 2013
Selected from over 600 candidates to fulfil the adventure of a lifetime, the first of the Henri Lloyd GORE-TEX Experience Tour winners arrived in Albany, Western Australia last week after battling the 5,000 mile Southern Ocean ‘Sleigh Ride’ from Cape Town, South Africa. Más información »

GORE-TEX Experience Tour entitled “Make your own Bestard Boots and try them out in Majorca with GORE-TEX” gets an excellent reception

From 5th to 7th November, the 16 participants selected, all of them mountain, adventure and outdoor enthusiasts, took part in a unique 3 day programme of activities. Más información »

Do-it-Yourself in Mallorca: Manufacture your own boots and put them to the test with Bestard and GORE-TEX Experience Tour

Which hiking boots are the best for upcoming autumn adventures? Your own individually handcrafted ones! The next project of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour will take 15 mountain enthusiasts to the beautiful island of Mallorca (Spain) where they will get the exclusive opportunity to build their own boots directly at the factory of the GORE-TEX brand partner “Calzados Bestard”. Applications can be submitted from the beginning of August 2013 online at www.experience-tour.com. Más información »


The film school project of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour (GET) gave four participants from Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the Czech Republic a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shoot their own outdoor film under the professional guidance of experts from the European Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F.T.): a documentary film featuring blind alpinist and climber Andy Holzer. The documentary will be screened as part of the E.O.F.T. in cinemas throughout Europe in the autumn. Más información »

A shared adventure is twice the adventure – attend IMS 2013 with the GORE-TEX Experience Tour

  17. May, 2013 ,
Mountain freaks take note: the latest project from the GORE-TEX Experience Tour gives one lucky winner the chance to share his or her adventures, stories and memories at this year’s Kiku. International Mountain Summit, taking place from 17 to 22 October 2013 in Brixen / South Tyrol. Más información »