GORE-TEX Experience Tour: The next step towards their alpine dream with Robert Jasper

Four candidates are one step closer to their personal alpine dream. In a dramatic neck and neck race they beat off strong competition from the other candidates. On 15/16 January they will be taking part in a casting at which they will have the opportunity to convince exceptional athlete Robert Jasper of their dedication to outdoor sport. Afterwards the decision will be made as to which of the candidates’ dream will come true.

This project forms part of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour which brings young outdoor enthusiasts from across Europe together with experts and top athletes from the professional scene. The various projects are being publicised and accompanied on the website of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour. Anyone interested in taking part can also apply here.

Robert Jasper is one of the world’s leading extreme climbers. He initially became well known as an alpine decathlete. Today his expeditions take him to the most remote mountain landscapes – to the Everest region in the Himalayas and to Patagonia. Robert would like to pass his experience on to one of the four candidates and help him or her fulfil a dream. He says: “I think the four candidates are great. They have all submitted excellent applications and brilliant ideas. I’m looking forward to the casting weekend and even more to the three days with the winner in the Alps. I wonder who it will be.”

The special thing about this project is that the applicants could decide for themselves what they want to do with Robert during the three days they spend with him in the Alps and what exactly it is that they want to learn from him. The only limits were the candidates’ thoughts and imagination. In addition to the votes from the community on facebook, the candidates were chosen for their creativity, the way in which they presented their ideas, their physical fitness and their dedication to outdoor sport.
The candidates that made the best impression were:

GORE-TEX Experience Tour Finalist: Realize your alpine dream with Robert JasperTomasz Cudejko, 24, from Poland. Tomasz is currently studying physiotherapy and started mountaineering three years ago. He has become so enthusiastic about the sport that he has since climbed almost all of the highest mountains in the Tatra mountains. His dream is to climb the Lenzspitze, Dom and Taschhorn, and the Matterhorn in only three days with Robert Jasper as his mentor.  His reaction when he heard that he had reached the final: “I am very happy that I can attend the casting and I’m really looking forward to meeting the Gore team and Robert Jasper.”

GORE-TEX Experience Tour Finalist: Realize your alpine dream with Robert JasperRebecca Pansa, 27, from Germany. Rebecca has turned the hobby she loves into her profession and is training to become an outdoor guide. She describes herself as having plenty of stamina and a capacity for teamwork. Her dream is to climb the 20 highest mountains in the Alps. She would like Robert to help her climb the Barre de Ecrins, the most southerly alpine peak in Europe, so that she can draw on this experience to help her climb the remaining 19 summits. Her answer when she heard that she had been nominated: “I’m really happy that I can be there and can meet Robert. I’m sure we’ll have a great time in Interlaken and maybe we’ll even make new friends.”

GORE-TEX Experience Tour Finalist: Realize your alpine dream with Robert JasperTrevor Long, from Spain. Trevor works in marketing. His father took him up his first mountain when he was only ten years old. Since then he has been passionate about mountaineering. He has since climbed many peaks over 3,000 m and does sport six days a week. His dream is to climb the Dome de Neige des Ecrins in the French Alps. Preferably with his split board. From Robert he’d like to learn how to cross difficult passages and recognise dangers so that in the future he can cope better with challenging climbs on his own.  His reaction when he heard that he had reached the final: “I am really looking forward to meeting you all. I’m excited about it already and I’m sure it’s going to be a great experience for us all.”

GORE-TEX Experience Tour Finalist: Realize your alpine dream with Robert JasperDaniel Bouskila, 30, from England. Daniel is an engineer. He is always extremely focused on whatever he is doing. He likes challenging himself. He would like to improve his basic ice climbing skills with Robert Jasper. His dream is to climb the Matterhorn in the winter.

These four candidates will be meeting Robert Jasper on 15/16 January in Grindelwald in Switzerland where they’ll be put to the test. Afterwards Robert will make his final decision as to which candidate will be given the opportunity to fulfil his or her outdoor dream.