13. May, 2013 ,

Be it Bordeaux or Porto, the perfect accessory for every trip

For the all-round traveller, GORE-TEX shoes with SURROUND™ product technology guarantee maximum breathability and durable waterproofness for 360° climate comfort wherever your destination.

Holiday is the time when you want to look and feel at your best; and this doesn’t just mean on the beach. You also want to look good when travelling but still be practically and comfortably dressed. Choosing the right shoes is particularly difficult. They need to be suitable for long walks, provide comfort in hot temperatures, withstand downpours but also look good. GORE-TEX shoes include SURROUND™ product technology making them the ideal footwear – giving you one thing to tick off your holiday check-list.

360° functionality for 360° holiday feeling

Whether on a trip with the girls to Barcelona or a lads’ tour to Rome, GORE-TEX shoes with SURROUND™ product technology ensure 360° climate comfort in any weather. At the heart of the design is the GORE-TEX membrane, which has 1.4 billion microscopic pores per square centimetre. The pores of the membrane are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, whilst at the same time 700 times larger than a molecule of water vapour. This means water vapour can escape from inside but outside dampness cannot penetrate the membrane. This functionality is used throughout the whole shoe, surrounding the foot so excess heat and sweat can escape through both the top and bottom of the shoe. It is an innovation that you not only feel but can also see from the structure of the sole including a special knit to protect the foot from stones and sharp objects.

GORE-TEX shoes with SURROUND™ product technology are available from brand partners such as ara, Clarks, Högl, FretzMen and Legero.