GORE-TEX Experience Tour 2012: Alpcross – high altitude emotions

“Today it is so difficult to find the words to describe this experience…”.
This is how the adventure on the Alps ends for the AlpCross event, an initiative that is part of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour 2012, which saw eight outdoor enthusiasts participating in an exciting crossing of the Alps accompanied by climbing legend Hans Kammerlander, professional photographer Bernd Ritschel, alpine guide Yann Delevaux and weather expert Karl Gabl.

These words were expressed by Erica who shared the experience of this tour lasting six long and intense days with Lorenzo, Yacine, Marine, Natalia, François, Tiziana and Philipp. The adventure started last 25th August from Ötztal in Austria and ended on 30th August in Val Senales in Italy covering a distance of approximately 75 km and ascents and descents totalling 7,000 metres.
The eight participants were selected thanks to the international project carried out with media partners National Geographic for Italy and France and 4Season, the Globetrotter network magazine for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, promoted and distributed through the main central GORE-TEX Experience Tour platform and a Facebook page dedicated to the tour.

The schedule touched some of the most spectacular alpine huts such as Rüsselsheimer- and Similaunhut. All members climbed the Wildspitze, the highest Tyrolean peak (3,772 metres), and crossed wild glaciers like Taschach and Niederjoch, where Ötzi the Iceman was found.

This week was a great experience of sharing and sensations, of fatigue and emotions in the pure state, facing sceneries, that with feelings of bewilderment and wonder, will never be forgotten by the group.

The weather conditions of this six-day tour put the supplied equipment to test, Millet jackets and rucksacks for all the members of the team and AKU footwear (the Italian team), Scarpa (the international team), Lowa (the German team) and Millet (the French team), highly technological products made in
waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX membrane for a challenging and fascinating mission completed thanks to the extraordinary camaraderie established between the enthusiast participants and the experts.

In brief, this is the final objective: to offer a once-in-a-lifetime, exceptional experience both for the context and for the technical and cultural contribution, giving a chance to mountains enthusiasts to appreciate and share the true sporty spirit of GORE-TEX and its people.