Keeping a grip on things: the next generation of GORE-TEX Gloves with X-TRAFIT™ product technology from W.L.Gore & Associates offers a high degree of tactility combined with added insulation for optimum protection and comfort in cold and wet weather

Whether they are performing acrobatic jumps on the half-pipe, freeriding off the beaten track or enjoying the thrill of vertical ice-climbing, ambitious winter sports enthusiasts are always searching for new challenges. Besides reliable protection against wind and weather, new winter GORE-TEX Gloves with X-TRAFIT™ product technology for 2012 will provide a sure grip, excellent dexterity and now added warmth due to insulation.

Gloves are a must for any committed winter athlete. Yet it’s never easy to strike the right balance. In a thin glove you are more likely to have a strong grip and high dexterity, but it won’t keep you warm. On the other hand, in a thick, fleece lined winter glove you are unlikely to have the necessary finger tip sensitivity. The latest generation of GORE-TEX Gloves from Gore engineered with X-TRAFIT™ product technology have a solution to this problem:
– Different levels of insulation are now available to suit different activities, so your hands stay dry and warm when you are doing your sport.
– They provide a secure grip on your ski poles and a good sense of touch and feel when handling your ice axe. Furthermore, they offer excellent finger tip control, so you can easily open and close zippers, rucksacks and bags, or adjust your glasses.
– The gloves are durably waterproof and breathable, so both the lining and the insulation layers stay reliably dry.

The technology
GORE-TEX gloves are made of an inner lining, the GORE-TEX insert und an outer fabric. The new X-TRAFIT™ product technology uses a special tape positioned in strategic places, i.e. on the fingers and thumb, to bond these layers together. This prevents movement between the individual layers, thus ensuring undiminished tactility. Furthermore, the new design of the insert allows for excellent dexterity. At the same time the gloves deliver the necessary insulation. This new product technology even incorporates flexible thermal features. Different inner linings can be used and a choice of insulation layers can be placed on the back of the hand and in the cuff area.

The range of uses
GORE-TEX gloves with X-TRAFIT™ product technology are particularly suitable for ambitious winter sports enthusiasts who require the best combination of thermal performance and tactility. These include …
– Alpine ski racers and freeriders who need to keep a firm grip on their ski poles, both on and off the piste
– Snowboarders who need to keep a secure grip on their board while performing tricks and jumps
– Ice-climbers who have to keep a tight grip on their ice-axe while climbing steep ice walls and glaciers.

Achim Löffler, product specialist at Gore: “Testing has shown that GORE-TEX Gloves with X-TRAFIT™ product technology meets the needs and wants of the most committed winter athletes. What they want is to have warm hands without being restricted in their winter activities, i.e. when they are grabbing their board during a jump on the half-pipe or when they need firm control on their ice-axe. You can feel the difference in the grip the minute you put these gloves on.”

The partners
The following brand partners have included GORE-TEX gloves with X-TRAFIT™ product technology in their collections for winter 2012: Black Diamond, Burton, Dakine, Dynastar, Eska, Hestra, Invicta, Level, Mammut, Millet, Oakley, Outdoor Research, Racer, Reusch, Roeckl, Rossignol, Scott, Snowlife, Special Blend, The North Face, Zanier, Ziener.