GORE-TEX Experience Tour: Exclusive Fan Meeting with Edurne Pasaban and Stefan Glowacz at the International Mountain Summit 2011

Within this year’s International Mountain Summit (IMS), which will take place from October 21st to 30th 2011, in Brixen, South Tyrol, the GORE-TEX® brand has teamed up with the mountaineering icons Edurne Pasaban and Stefan Glowacz to offer a unique opportunity for intercultural exchange to the 20 winners of the GORE-TEX® Outdoor Products Facebook page.

A long mountaineering tour, sleeping under the starlit night sky, or simply savouring the spectacular experience of watching the sun set beyond the mountain peaks: these are experiences that should to be shared. A unique opportunity of additionally chatting and exchanging ideas with professional mountaineers has been made possible by the GORE-TEX brand, within the context of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour at International Mountain Summit in Brixen, South Tyrol, from October 22nd to 24th, 2011. With just a little luck, anyone passionate about the mountains, and who has always wanted to share his or her experience with real professionals, is now given the chance to make this dream come true: a new GORE-TEX Experience Tour is about to begin!

The GORE-TEX Experience Tour exclusive fan meeting at the International Mountain Summit
In the course of the International Mountain Summit festival in Brixen participants will have several chances to experience climbing, bouldering and mountaineering from a professional angle, while talking to true icons of mountaineering. The IMS is a unique forum in which experts and professionals can exchange ideas on future trendsetting topics concerning mountains and mountaineering. During those talks, discussions and workshops, anyone interested in mountaineering is granted an insight and sound knowledge on all topics regarding mountains and their summits.

Until October 3rd, 2011, online community fans are able to apply for a chance to participate in the fan meeting of the International Mountain Summit via the GORE-TEX Experience Tour website in Europe. In order to apply participants must hand in a short letter of motivation, stating reasons why they want to take part in the fan meeting. This statement should convince the other community members of voting by October 3rd, 2011. In the end, those 20 contestants with the most votes will participate in the GORE-TEX Experience Tour.

What’s in for the winners?
For an entire day, the famous mountaineering icons Edurne Pasaban, one of the few women who have officially been acknowledged to have climbed all 14 eight-thousanders, and Stefan Glowacz, an extreme-mountaineer and adventurer, will share their time and personal advice exclusively with the winners of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour. The winners will have plenty of time to exchange stories and ask questions, while at the same putting to the test the new GORE-TEX Active Shell laminate. In addition, Gore experts will be available and happy to answer any questions and provide information concerning marketing and product management, thus granting the winners a very special insight into the secrets of the company. In return, the GORE-TEX brand will ask all participants to report on the social web via Facebook, Twitter or blogs and to share their experiences, impressions and lessons learnt during the GORE-TEX Experience Tour.

With the GORE-TEX Experience Tour projects, the GORE-TEX brand has become a dedicated promoter of uniting outdoor fans and outdoor professionals, providing the means for an exchange of views and experiences on sports. The GORE-TEX Experience Tour at the International Mountain Summit 2011 is a unique opportunity for all members of the community to get to know the mountains, mountaineering and top-notch athletes for the first time and from hitherto unknown perspectives. In addition, fans and as well as mountaineering enthusiasts following the GORE-TEX Outdoor Products Facebook fan page from allover Europe can get to know each other and exchange ideas and experiences. The costs for board and accommodation during the three day trip, a payment of travel allowances up to 300 Euro as well as a one-day ticket to IMS, will all be covered by the GORE-TEX brand.

Registration and participation is still possible until October 3rd, 2011.