GORE-TEX Experience Tour: The winners of the Freeride Camp meet in Norway

Six ski enthusiasts from different corners of Europe are now ready to go to Romsdalen in Norway for an unforgettable experience with experienced guides.

It is also settled that GORE-TEX® Experience Tour has the chance to win two prestigious awards in the PR Report Award in Berlin in April.

The six winners of the Freeride Camp Norway are those who have received the most votes after the acceptance period on the net. It was possible to vote for candidates notified between 17 January and January 24 through GORE-TEX® Experience Tour.

Among the winners, we find both Polish and Russian, French and Austrian participants. The group consists of three men and three women.

It is also clear that the project GORE-TEX® Experience Tour is nominated in two categories in the PR Report Award, one of the largest and most prestigious public relations event in the German speaking countries in Europe. An independent jury selects winners across 22 different categories. GORE-TEX® Experience Tour is nominated in the categories “International PR” and “Community Communications. The ceremony will take place in Berlin on April 19.

The GORE-TEX® Experience Tour is a European project which since 2010 has held a variety of outdoor activities, competitions and events across Europe. Common to all activities during the GORE-TEX® Experience Tour is that they gather in a single page on Facebook, where participants can share information, photos and videos with each other.

The winning amateur skiers in the Freeride Camp Norway is now facing what will be an unforgettable ski experience in the Norwegian Romsdalen. For three days the participants will live and breathe the mountains along with special guides, experienced skiers with very good local knowledge of the area. The guides are Halvor Hagen and Tor Olav Naalsund. The photographer and guide Matti Bernitz also travels with the group.

Halvor Hagen is a very experienced skiers and climbers. He has lived since 1977 in Romsdalen and is well versed in the local surroundings. Hagen is a certified IFMGA guide and has been for many years conducted guided outdoor tours in Norway and abroad.

Matti Bernitz is a photographer and trained at the Queensland College of Art in Australia. Bernitz is now based in Norway, making photo assignments for newsrooms around the world.

About GORE-TEX® Experience Tour

The GORE-TEX® Experience Tour is aimed at young people all over Europe who can communicate and share their experience on a dedicated Facebook page.

In order to apply, candidates have to state details about their personal motivation for participating. After that, it will be up to other visitors of the page to vote for their favourite candidates, who will then be evaluated by a panel of outdoor experts and the professionals. Those chosen will not only get an amazing experience with top experts in their fields, but also get the chance to blog and report about their experiences online via all possible social media channels.

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