26. January, 2011

22nd Corporate Media Awards in Stuttgart: “AWARD OF MASTER” für Gore

Gore wins Corporate Media AwardSome 100 media experts and managers met in Stuttgart for the prize-giving ceremony of the 22nd Corporate Media Awards. One of the successful companies was W.L. Gore GmbH which was recognised for a training tool developed by CMCH (Bielefeld).

Corporate Media is the platform on which European champions compete. This is where communication strategy performance, creativity and craftsmanship really count; where effective media and communications solutions and tools are exclusively presented and judged by an expert jury.
In workshop sessions high-ranking decision-makers from industry and their creative service providers present and discuss strategies and solutions aimed at the successful accomplishment of the information, communication and educational goals of media concepts. This year a whole array of useful ideas were explored while covering themes such as the media management of global media databases; a brilliant concept focusing on the double meaning of social media; and an app-supported business model based on a case study of “Tourist and Resident Information in Berlin.” Afterwards, the prize-giving ceremony provided an indication of where the emphasis will be in the year to come: “The development of culture in European communication.” About 60, some highly complex, media concepts, films, online solutions and tools were given awards. In the interactive programmes and network solutions category W.L. Gore received an “Award of Master” for its flash-based training tool. Besides W.L. Gore, other leading companies represented at the ceremony included Porsche AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, REWE Group, Allianz SE, Siemens AG and BMW AG. The social media project “Neighbourhood Help” by szenaris GmbH in Bremen was recognised as the best media concept.