GORE-TEX Experience Tour entitled “Make your own Bestard Boots and try them out in Majorca with GORE-TEX” gets an excellent reception

From 5th to 7th November, the 16 participants selected, all of them mountain, adventure and outdoor enthusiasts, took part in a unique 3 day programme of activities. Five participants were selected in Facebook and 5 through outdoor and general media, whereas 6 European journalists covered the event and completed the heterogeneous team of different nationalities.

The arrival of the participants in Majorca on November 5th marked the start of this singular event promoted by GORE-TEX with the support of Calzados Bestard. For three hectic days the participants had the chance to get to know the island of Majorca, its gastronomy, weather and the hospitality of its people… and they also learned how the famous “Bestard Mountain Boots” are made.

Mountain boots are essential for mountain-enthusiasts. They must be comfortable and provide support to the feet and ankles during long hikes on irregular ground. The 16 lucky winners of the GORE-TEX® Experience Tour Project visited the “Calzados Bestard” plant, a family business located on the island of Majorca, in order to see how these boots are made during a three-day workshop session from 5th to 7th November 2013. The highlight of this memorable experience was an outing to one of the island’s most spectacular spots for nature and adventure enthusiasts, where the participants tried out the Bestard boots that they had made themselves.

A memorable experience

On the first day, the participants were welcomed at an informal dinner during which they had the opportunity to enjoy Majorcan cuisine and get to know each other. The next day, the 16 mountaineers learned about the footwear production processes and about GORE-TEX and its many applications. Then they made their own Bestard boots in a detailed, step by step process, to which they added their own personal touch. They produced an exclusive model, the “Tritón Limited Edition” in red, as the perfect ending to an unforgettable day.

On the last day, an outing to Castell D’Alaró was organised, lasting more than three hours, during which the participants tried out the boots they had made the day before. A sunny day with spectacular 360º views of the island and physical exercise was the perfect end to this three-day event of mutual enjoyment, learning and companionship, which the participants considered was extremely successful and a memorable experience.

About the GORE-TEX® Experience Tour

The GORE-TEX® Experience Tour project is targeted at young people from all over Europe. The participants are given the opportunity to explain and share their experiences in the GORE-TEX® Outdoor Products Facebook page. To enter, the candidates must describe their personal reasons for taking part in the project. The other visitors to the page vote for their favourite candidates, whose requests are subsequently evaluated by a panel of outdoor experts and professionals. Not only can the winners take part in an incredible experience with experts in that field, but they also have the chance to post and share their experiences in all the social networks.

About “Calzados Bestard”

“Manufacturing mountain boots and footwear with advanced technology that provides optimum quality for nature enthusiasts” is how Antonio Bestard, owner of “Calzados Bestard” summarises the company’s business philosophy. “Calzados Bestard” was founded in 1940 and is present in more than 35 countries and offers its support to top athletes such as the Scottish runner Bruce Normand or the Spanish mountaineers Cecilia Buil and Joan Goyanes.