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GORE-TEX footwear with SURROUND™ product technology for spring/summer 2012: Great selection all over Europe

GORE-TEX footwear with SURROUND™ product technology is seen as one of the greatest innovations in the footwear industry. Its open sole structure and waterproofness surrounds your feet with climate comfort. In spring/summer 2012 it will be playing an even more important role in the collections of Gore’s brand partners, appearing in stores all over Europe for the first time.

GORE-TEX footwear with SURROUND™ product technology made its retail debut in 2009. It surrounds your feet with 360 degree climate comfort. Excess sweat can escape just as easily through the shoe upper as it can through the large openings in the new sole construction. This makes footwear with SURROUNDTM product technology the ideal companion, indoors and outdoors – even in warmer conditions. The distinguishing feature of this new technology is the large openings in the sole, providing a clear indication of breathability.

Gore’s brand partners offering shoe styles with this technology include Clarks, Ara, Ara Men, Legero, Superfit, Högl, Fretzmen, Igi & Co. and Primigi. These manufacturers have significantly expanded their spring/summer 2012 ranges, adding about 30 percent more different soles to their collections. Clarks, for instance, is now using five different specially engineered soles for its 7 mens and 1 ladies styles.

“From small beginnings, our sales of SURROUND™ products have doubled each year, and as awareness grows among consumers we are really confident of a strong commercial future for this technology.” (Jane Wilson, Product Director at Clarks)

Some of Gore’s partners are using the SURROUND™ product technology in as many as half of their GORE-TEX shoe styles for spring/summer 2012, and are planning to use it in even more! “We are especially pleased to see that our partners have committed to extending their collections with SURROUND™ product technology so that retailers can now offer an even greater selection,” says Thomas Fröhlich from Gore. “Together with our partners we expect to be able to more than double our sales figures in 2012.”

Gore will be supporting sales at retail with POS materials, trainings and an extensive media campaign. This will be executed on an increased scale to the spring 2011 campaign, reaching an audience of over 100 million contacts in Germany, Switzerland and Austria alone.