GORE-TEX Experience Tour announces the two lucky winners who will seek out New Routes in Arctic Norway with Dave MacLeod

The Selection Day for the GORE-TEX® Experience Tour New Routes in the Arctic project took place in Scotland this weekend.  Dave MacLeod, Gore sponsee and Scotland’s leading climber, was on hand to watch our four finalists as they demonstrated their climbing skills, in a variety of weather conditions, as film maker Paul Diffley captured all of the action.  Competition for the two places was very tight as all of the climbers were of a really high standard!

But in the end it had to come down to just two people and we are delighted to announce that they are Helena Robinson and Julia Snihur.

As well as demonstrating their climbing skills in Ratho quarry at the Edinburgh International Climbing Centre, the candidates were also asked to explain their motivation for climbing and what personal attributes they have that makes them the best choice for the trip.  Dave was keen to make sure that the two winners were people that understand that being a good climber is as much about attitude as it is ability.  Helena and Julia displayed the perfect balance.

The candidates were also asked about their goals for the trip.  As a student Helena spent a lot of time trad climbing, but having just returned from a year in Switzerland she also loves Alpine and Ice climbing.  Julia on the other hand is a sport climber, learning to climb in America before moving to Barcelona. Her trad climbing is also of a really high standard so there will be a lot of scope for the team when they reach Norway.

Helena and Julia will get to try the new jackets from Mountain Equipment engineered with GORE-TEX Active Shell during their trip.  The new laminate is perfect for climbing in this environment as it is extremely breathable, lightweight as well as 100% waterproof.

Now the adventure truly begins!