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Heaven & Hell: Gore offers documentary film about GORE-TEX Transalpine Run for download

Trail running enthusiasts can now download “Heaven & Hell”, a 60 minute documentary film about the GORE-TEX Transalpine Run. They can choose to pay €2.99 to watch it once or buy it for €7.99 to watch it as often as they like. 

The GORE-TEX Transalpine Run is arguably one of the toughest challenges in the world for trail and mountain runners. Every year at the beginning of September, 300 teams of two from all over the world cross the main ridge of the Alps in 8 days. Each day they cover distances of over 30 kilometres and tackle uphill climbs of some 2,000 metres. Filmmakers Miriam Jakobs and Gerhard Schick accompanied two of these teams for the duration of the run to make a 60 minute documentary film about the event.

“HEAVEN & HELL” captures the fascination of the GORE-TEX Transalpine Run in all its facets from the point of view of the two teams. It features stunning visuals while telling a powerfully emotional story: the exertion of the long up and downhill climbs, the battle against rain, heat and cold, the mesmerising mountain scenery, the joy of running along magnificent mountain trails and the flair of being part of an international event with runners from more than 25 different countries.

In addition to the superb photography, it is above all those personal moments that make “HEAVEN & HELL” so special: the runners’ constant battle against themselves, against their team partners, the way they push themselves to their absolute limits, the mixed emotions of elation and despair, of euphoria and exhaustion, even of pain, sometimes not knowing whether to laugh or cry – the intense emotions that only a multi-day team stage race can arouse and that make the GORE-TEX Transalpine Run an experience like no other.

Since February 2012 “HEAVEN & HELL” has been shown as part of a roadshow (information about dates is available at www.transalpine-run.com/heavenandhell ). To coincide with the start of registration for the GORE-TEX Transalpine Run 2013 the film is now available online. It can be bought from www.transalpine-run.com/HeavenandHell.aspx for €2.99 if you choose to watch it once or for €7.99 if you want to watch it as often as you like. Potentially lucrative: users who embed the film into their own website or blog, etc., will get 25 % of the revenue generated by sales of the film downloaded from their site.