The 4 lucky winners of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour have been selected. They will explore the Pyrenees in search for brown bears

Over a period of four days the 4 lucky winners of the GORE-TEX Experience Tour “Watch bears in the wilderness” will join an expedition of two forestry workers, a biologist and a professional photographer.

They will spend four days between September 13-16, 2012 in the mountains of Valle de Arán (Lleida). The Briton Josh Key, the French Theniere Julie, the Italian Ylenia Vimercati and the Spaniard Marc Forteza have been selected through Facebook to join the GORE-TEX expedition, also made up by two forestry workers, a biologist and a professional photographer.

The aim of the expedition is to catch sight of brown bears in the region and see them at first hand in their natural habitat, as well as learning the skills and techniques of wildlife photography. It will be an unforgettable experience in an incomparable setting.

The 28-year-old Theniere Julie (Verzon, France) loves travelling and has lived since the age of 19 in Germany, Brazil, India and Canada, where her interest for bears started. She also enjoys photography and says: “I’m really looking forward to participate in this adventure and find out more about bears in their natural habitat…”.
The 21-year-old Josh Key (Aberdeen, UK) studies Zoology. He is deeply involved in environmental conservation and in the reintroduction of wildlife in the Scottish Highlands, particularly lynx and wolfs. He also participates in various environmental initiatives and projects like the Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability (ACES). For Josh “the GORE-TEX Experience Tour will give me the chance to test my professional activity. This is a great adventure for a Zoology student.”

The 24-year-old Ylenia Vimercati (Vimercate, Italy) studies Natural Science and feels passionate about animals and the environment and improving the planet. She is extremely excited about this project and studying bears in the wild. She currently works as a volunteer in an Italian project for animal welfare. For Ylenia “…wild animals need a safe habitat to develop their biological activities. We must prevent any actions that may be harmful for them…”

The Spanish participant in this expedition is Marc Forteza, a 38-year-old architect. Funny and extrovert, Marc loves nature and the mountains. In his job, he chooses materials based on their environmental features and their positive impact on the planet. Marc would like to “create an environmental organization to defend the Pyrenees and make people aware of the relevance of keeping our forests in good condition for everybody’s benefit”.

This adventure that GORE-TEX is organizing in Spain is open to all European citizens.  The only requirements are that they be of legal age and keen on nature, the environment and photography. They must also speak English and be reasonably fit.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          GORE-TEX Experience Tour, sowing the seed of sustainability

The expedition to watch bears in the Valle de Arán is part of a much bigger project established by GORE-TEX three years ago. Each year the GORE-TEX Experience Tour organizes experiences related to the environment all over Europe and led by people from all European countries. The selection method creates an enriching interactive experience between people from a range of countries and cultures.

The last expedition in Spain was in 2011. Six women had the honour of climbing Mt. Aneto accompanied by the alpinist Edurne Pasabán.